Free Advice from
Amy Moore

People have been frustrating me lately. So here is some free advice.

If you're a man, behave like one. Take charge, speak your mind, and be persistent. Not only in relationships, but in your everyday life.

If you're a woman, get over yourself sometimes. Be a woman. Be strong, classy and learn to resist taking everything personally. Also, crying is annoying and makes you look ugly. Use it wisely.

Think before you type.

There's nothing shameful about googling the meaning or spelling to words you don't know. Always be on the hunt for new knowledge.

If you have something important to say, say it in person.

For every favor someone does for you, pay them back with two more.

Read a fucking book every now and then.

There is a fine line between "young and stupid" and plain old "stupid". Tow it if you must, but don't cross it.

Looks aren't everything. But they're definitely important. It's not shallow, it's called 'standards'.

You shouldn't need to date in order to find happiness. You should find happiness before you date.

Be consistent, but not predictable.

In the war between the egocentric douchebag and the insecure shut-in, she's going to choose the douche every time. It may not seem fair, but it's true. Too much confidence is sexier than none at all.

There's no rush to get married. Give dating a fighting chance first.

People who try to live life like a movie usually end up getting a soap opera instead.

It's okay to kick a bad habit for someone you care about. It's when you kick healthy ones that you should worry.

If you need to be drunk or high before you can be happy, you're doing something wrong.

Try anything once; you might like it. Unless it's meth. Stay away from meth.

People won't always remember how you look. They WILL remember how you smell.

Don't brag. It's only impressive if someone else is doing the bragging for you.

You can suck at something, as long as you're gracious about it.

Be nice to strangers. It's a small world and there's no guarantee that you'll never see them again in a dark alley or an interview.

You don't need God to have faith.

Life's just one big joke, stop taking it so seriously.

Holding grudges is more exhausting than forgiveness. Get over it.

If you know you're going to have company over, clean your damned house. It's polite and hides the fact that you're a slob.