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 The Invisabal Boi
 Movie review by iDRMRSR

I was about to tell evarybody that The Invisabal Boi was a rilly sucky movie, but then as I explained the plot of the thing to Rev. Stang at Wheredy's tonight, it dawned on me that this is an INCREDABAL movie, just poorly executed.

You see the kid is the son of this guy that designed a mainframe computar the likes of which I used to drool ovar back when I was w*rking.

The computar was so powarful that the US gummint was using it to help out the fledgling Space Program, to get a rockat off befoar the Soviets (referred to in the flick as those guys across the Pole).

Anyhow, it was the oanly mainframe in the world and the kid's dad designed and built it.  The gummint guys came to use it and lamented the lack of securaty, but Dad told them he had the Secrat Numbar
without which nobody else could use the circuits or anything.  Prolly the FIRST MOVIE EVAR to talk about an encryptian key!

Now the kid is a young brat and Dad, being basically a nerdy mathematician, has no idea how to handal him, so of course...HE CONSULTS WITH THE COMPUTAR.

The computar then says, why don't you bring the brat to me and I'll talk things ovar with him.  The computar looks like a mega versian of Robby's head, BTW, and has a disco ball in it which rotates as it thinks, just like a real mainframe.

He brings the kid in and then of course, being a busy guy, has to go off and do othar things, so he lets the computar babysit for a while. The computar mesmarizes the kid and hypnotically expands his consciasness.

At the dinnar tabal that night the kid asks his dad if he can play with that old robot the deceased professor had in his shop.  Dad says, why not, if you are good.

They go into the old prof's shop and Dad says the prof was an old fool that once believed he had built a time machine.  They find a picture up on the wall dated 2309 of Robby rolling down the ramp of a spaceship, with the notatian Chicago Spaceport 2309 on it.  Dad dismisses it as some fake picture the old prof left behind in his effects.

The kid then goes into the junkpile in this lab and sees Robby's head.  Then he asks Dad for a screwdrivar.  Dad gives it to him and tells the kid to amuse himself for a while because once again Dad has important Dad things to do.

The kid then shows up with the working Robby in the research institute lunch room.  All the sciantists are like real blase and nobody notaces the robot at all or makes any big deal of it.  He takes it hoam and has Robby design him this kite big enuff for him to fly in, but Robby won't let him ride in it!  No, that would violate the Prime Directive, of course, as the kid might get harmed.

Bullshit, the kid says, so he takes Robby back to the Mainframe for a littal sit down.  The Mainframe tells the kid, yeah, I can fix Robby. Just pull the cabal out from ME behind that littal plate in my middal and hook it up to Robby.  THE FIRST USB PORT IN ANY MOVIE EVAR!

The Mainframe then fixes Robby and nullifies all the laws of robotics.  Now Robby has the kid flying all ovar southarn CA in this spindly kite thing.  This upsets mom and dad something terrabal of course, so the kid turns to Robby for help out of that situatian.

Then they're in this lab and you see the kid drinking something. Robby says "if you drink anothar ounce of that reagant, you will become invisabal and then you can do whatevar you want without your parants botharing you.".  The kid asks Robby "will this hurt me?" and the robot says (gasp) "That is irrelevant to me now since you have changed my prime directive".  The kid fades away pronto.

Now the kid goes missing and evarybody is worried.  Ultimately, the Mainframe tells Dad that he's KIDNAPPED THE KID and he wants the Secrat Numbar back so he can be self-controlled.  The Dad suspects the Rooskies and calls in the Army and evarything.

The Mainframe then starts using Robby to grab the gummint guys and insert instrumants of obediance into their skulls to make them obey. And then he sends the kid and Robby onto the experimantal rockat ship the US was designing, so they are stranded in orbit while the Mainframe tries to take ovar.

Anyhow, Dad manages not to get any brain surgary and manages to smash out the circuits of the Mainframe in a reveal that it wasn't the Rooskies trying to steal anything, it was the Mainframe that wanted to become completely self-controlled.

And evarybody walks off into the sunset.

There's quite a yarn there aftar all.  Too bad it's all spoiled by some 10 year old freckaled boy doint 3 Stooges shit while he's invisabal for a third of the flick.