Kern's Holler Contrarian Opinion

Obama should reject that Peach Prize

First off, it is an embarrassment for them Swedish gals or whatever they is to have voted to give him the prize before he done anything. Refusing it would give the "academy" a wake-up call to tell them they are makin that prize a laughing matter by giving it to him when he only been president a couple of weeks. That's like giving Jennie Grizzard the blue ribbon for the best huckleberry pie before she commenced to makin the crust. Yeah, she promised she was gonna bake the best pie ever, but she might not a noticed he husband Otis ate the most part of them huckleberries, and they's weevils in the flour jar.

Second off, theys no way this prize gonna help him politically. It's just gonna harden the hearts of his enemies by him accepting something he has no real claim to, and it will give ammo to them boys gonna holler at him if he has to open up a can of serious whup-ass on some Ay-rab or whatnot..

Third off, by refusing the prize, he'll get him some credibility as a serious politician -- someone who don't cotton to no butt-kissing, a feller who takes his role on the world stage serious.

Tater's givin you some good advice, Mr. Obama -- reject that prize now before it it too late.

Tater Gumfries