Sri Bodhi Prana

Followups to "How to Fake Enlightenment"

(This is a  response to a rather rude unbeliever)

Thank you, but just the same, aren't you just a little surprised at the intensity of your feelings upon reading my little piece about how to get laid by faking enlightenment? Not everyone will attain enlightenment during their lifetime, but eventually everyone will, even if it is on their deathbed. Even if they didn't, they are still a part of the Godhead, dancing in Maya's recital. They, and you and I, are no more and no less God, whether we know it or not. There is no need to feel jealous at my good fortune.

There is no system of punishment and rewards. Some are confined to a life of pain, and some unworthy characters, like yours truly, Sri Bodhi Prana, get far more than they deserve. I remember one time, when I was on the downswing, feeling my ego creeping back, when I came across a girl in a wheelchair, sobbing uncontrollably. By the looks of the chair and her body, you could tell she was quadriplegic. I suddenly felt a deep empathy for her -- I imagined that she had either been dumped by a boy she thought liked her, or she had  just failed an exam, or someone, maybe someone like you who likes to hurt people for sport, had made fun of her. The pain she felt shot through me like it was my own. It was excruciating, and it caused me to tense up, and I could feel my ego returning. I felt overwhelmed, like that Summer when I was 13 before my first satori. My koan came to me, though, and after a moment's concentration, the scales fell from my eyes, and I was free. I felt light, and the tears of sympathy I had shed for the girl in the wheelchair turned into tears of joy for my own good fortune! I looked into her eyes, and saw God in them. Yeah, she was trapped in a crippled shell, she was grasping for any help in a sea of pain, she was playing the sad sack, but hey, I was on my way to lunch, and the seafood would be gone by  1:00. The universe knows what it is doing.

See what I mean?


Sri Bodhi Prana