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   Try Sub-Enlightenment Risk Free!

As you may know, I have been an enlightened master since the age of thirteen and have been teaching a personal transformation course that teaches *YOU* how to get more money, more chicks, the finest rides and more SLACK than anyone could imagine by *FAKING* *ENLIGHTENMENT*.

Yes, this program really works, and what's more, many of my students have experienced true, earth-shaking satori just by concentrating on the three simple steps to faking enlightenment. This is his is an amazing achievement on *my* part too, because *I* developed the program!

But my teachings have become more profound than ever, due to my revolutionary new discovery, SUB-ENLIGHTENMENT!

I discovered sub-enlightenment while *pretending* to teach fake enlightenment! It turns out that there is a state between ordinary mind and the enlightened mind that has been hidden until now.

Now, those of you who know something about enlightenment, or who have experienced it themselves like *I* have, know that there are different levels of grace. Some are relatively light and wear off completely after a few days, and some are more profound and long lasting, like mine. You may say "Ho-hum. Another Swami something or other and a crazy theory claiming that enlightenment really goes by another name, and that the name you call it is REALLY important".

But I'm not talking about levels, I'm talking about a *whole* *new* mental state, neither above nor below, neither left nor right, not a parallel mind state, but a *PERPENDICULAR* one!

This revolutionary new discovery will allow *YOU* to experience all of the super bonuses that come with enlightenment, but none of the headaches. No more eager disciples following you around, groveling and whining "master this" and "master that", no more chicks hitting on you when you are trying to sleep, no poor relatives begging you for money -- AND WHY? Because with SUB-ENLIGHTENMENT, you don't *LOOK* enlightened, you just *FEEL* enlightened!!! You'll be groovin' with the creator, merging with the one-ness -- you'll be satori surfin' in no time, and no one will know the difference!

Sure, you can still get all the chicks, money and cars you want -- all you have to do is turn on the charm. But until then, you'll be in super stealth mode!

Don't let enlightenment get in the way! Order my revolutionary course today.

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Sri Bodhi Prana