Short Cat Tale

by Tom Sane

Recently our cat was tragically whirled to death while chasing a squirrel under a street sweeper.  Selecting a corner in the back yard to bury poor Kitty I encountered a very large and hard object.  After some excavation it turned out to be an amazing archeological find.  Upon review by the chief paleontologist from the Denver museum it was determined to be petrified animal skin fashioned into a large saddle.  Although still in controversy among the archeology & paleontology experts, the majority opinion is it was made by an early ancestor of Bigfoot who was able to domesticate & train small four footed dinosaurs.

Since the discovery was in my back yard I was able to retain ownership of this find.  It has been donated to the Fort Morgan Museum and is on display in city park.  Although not visible in this picture it bears a small brass plaque honoring poor Kitty for his part in this fantastic discovery.