Social Sciences

Teenagers is too damned sensitive

Author: Tater Gumfries

Tater has to deal with teenagers all the time, and a lot of em won't look you in the eye cause they's nervous and all, and when you tell em to do somethin they act like they's scared. Tater just thinks they too damned sensitive.

Now, Tater been self employed most of his life, except when he was a teenager. Tater was real sensitive to criticism when he was in his teens, and he still is, but he's learned to take it. That's what a man has to do.  Ain't no mystery that a lot of teenagers ought to grow up, but that usually comes with gettin older. Still, a lot of em don't work worth a damn because they too damned sensitive.  Let ol Tater tell you a story illustratin his point.

Teenaged Tater got him a job at the Italian restaurant up in Humbert, choppin vegetables for salads and slicing pepper rings for pizza and such. Guess it's called "prep cook" nowadays, but they just told Tater to wash up and start choppin. Well, sir, the end of the month came around, that's when they pay you, and Big John, he's the boss, sits everybody down and starts in "For those of you who just started, we have this critique every payday. I let you know where there's room for improvement for you can be a better employee." So he starts in on this waitress Tater liked, and he's tellin her she's late too often, and don't smile enough, and she needs to work harder on makin her hair look nice, and why don't she hurry up when she's bringin them orders out, and Tater's gettin nervous! He don't want no one tellin him what's wrong with him in front of a bunch of other folks. So when he comes to Tater, Tater says to him "I won't be needin no critique. I'm quittin to get me another job."  Well, there weren't no other job except workin on Tater's daddy's farm, but Tater quit because he was too damned sensitive!

At the time Tater thought the whole setup might be an elaborate ruse just to get Tater to quit on account of Big John knew Tater was the sensitive kind. Seemed to Tater it would a been easier just to tell Tater the restaurant's goin out of business and everybody's fired, then when Tater's gone, open up a new restaurant somewheres else. That's the kind of thinkin goes on in one of them teenager's heads!


Them teenager's is just too damned sensitive!