Kern's Holler Poem Bunker
nikolai kingsley.

unsullied, unexploited
filled with smoky liquid
I concentrated on deliberately working
all thoughts of exhaustion and falling
diminishes when there's more than four
of them
I smile pleasantly,
drive the sword into the water
where she is floating on her back
from the first sensation of cold
that I had felt since still living

With a muffled scream,
almost as if the howling wind
that I was suspended in
piece by piece
Embrace the coiled wire
wrapped in a single white dove's feather
that drips crimson fire
and a voice says, this is somehow
linked with the sounds of bone snapping

I could not follow,
and she could hear faint screams.

I am lost
the sound tore me asunder,
my whole body
opens the front door
piece by piece

I can feel this energy
It's warm, and
open, and
i am becoming that part of me
It's always easier this way
Feel the night around me
I view the passing of a woman
When i can tell.
she's just found a new victim,
saying (with a degree of pride)
what do you make of this?
But i never have before

she gives icy clues
i search for things,
tiny pieces of shrapnel accompanying me,
scouring the passage,
tearing my tongue,
every God and Goddess,
sucking the energy out of them.