Tales of Bob Dean #6

Bob Dean was walking home from the candy store with a bag full of gobstoppers, when he saw the great master McLuhan approaching from the other direction.  "He will want my gobstoppers," thought Bob Dean, "and because he is the master, I will have no choice but to give them to him."

Bob Dean did not want to give up his gobstoppers, on which he had spent his entire allowance, and so he decided to hide them all in his mouth.  One by one, he stuffed them into his face hole, until his entire mouth was stuffed and he could barely close his lips over his teeth.

McLuhan met Bob Dean on the path, and said, "Hello disciple, how are you today?"

"MMMMFfffjfpmmmf", said Bob Dean.

"I see," said McLuhan.  "I was wondering if you'd like to join me for a walk."

"MMFFF!" said Bob Dean.

"I see," said McLuhan.  "I was hoping we would speak together on the radio this afternoon."

"MFMFFF!!!  PHFFFMEMFMFFF!!!!" said Bob Dean, pounding his chest. Drool slipped from around his barely closed lips, and a sweat broke out on his brow.  For his greatest dream in life was to walk alongside McLuhan, as equals, and talk on the radio with him and be heard by millions.

"I see," said McLuhan.  "I guess you are not interested."

Bob Dean could take no more.  He slapped himself repeatedly across the face, until his entire head full of slimy, wet gobstoppers came pouring out in a violent spray of colorful saliva.

"Bob Dean, you were so eager to share my radio show, but I see that you have been selfish with your candy.  You are a fucking idiot who should be militantly smashed," said McLuhan.

He beat Bob Dean mercilessly, and kicked his candy into the gutter.