Rev. ,!.

So anyway,

Doc martian waddles off a jam packed 757 at JFK after the plane, on its way to the U.K. had to have a emergency landing due to the strange sulphuric smell that was filling the cabin, the smell of course was Doc Martian's CLEAN underwear.

So anyway, he waddles around the airport terminal and sees a Rabbi begging for money for Rabbi stuff. Doc confronts the Rabbi and starts blabbering on about bullshit that he knows nothing about while the Rabbi plays with his micropenis.

While the Doc and the Rabbi were engaging in this homoerotic verbal scat play the plane that Doc landed is blown up by the fucking navy seals as a general health precaution.

Anyway, eventually the Rabbi with the microcock slaps the Doc in the face and says "Listen up you peice of lesbian ham corn bread eatin, musical bowel inducing turd monkey, I am not a Jew, I am going undercover to infiltrate the fucking freemason satanic conspiracy"

Doc, thinking the Rabbi is trying to avoid his blabbering says "prove it" so the rabbi takes out his 2 inch cock and waves his fat but tiny uncircumsised wang in the Docs face. Doc tries to cover up his arousal at seeing the tiny penis nods slowly and apologises.

The Rabbi seeing what a fucking dumbshit the blabbering idiot is figures he can use the Doc for his own purposes. The Rabbi says to the bungled slop face "My real name is Mikey Alcondor and you seem like the right type of person to join my secret organisation to end the Jewish, Freemason, Communist, Homofagual conspiracy"

Doc, feeling accepted by someone else other then his pet dog who he gives regular fucking blow jobs too, joyfully accepts Mikey's offer and offers him his allegence.

The two shitstains leave the airport with Mikey leading the way and the Doc hovering behind him like Bob Dean on anyone slightly talented.

Mikey takes Doc to his studio apartment overlooking a catholic girls high schools showerblock and orders him to sit on a bean bag full of urine smelling foam. Mikey, seeing in Docs eyes the look of a lost puppy realised that he will be an easy mark.

So anyway, Mikey starts to ramble on for hours about the conspiracy this, the conspiracy that while the Doc gazed up in awe feeding off Mikeys self confidence. Mikey, seeing Doc will do whatever he tells him to orders Doc to strip so he can test for reptilian DNA.

The Doc strips down and Mikey says angrily " I said strip!" Doc says "But I am! this is just back hair!"

Mikey vomits a bit in his mouth then tells the Doc to stand still and close his eyes, Mikey picks up a can of hairspray and a lighter and uses it as a flame thrower to burn off the Docs unsightly body hair. The Doc doesnt even realise whats happening and thinks the warmness he feels is love.

Mikey then places the Doc on the floor on his stomach and ties him up in a hog tie, unzlips his pants and starts to rape the Docs ear canal, the doc screams as his ear drum is burst by Mikeys micro penis and starts to cry like a girl saying "But but, I thought we were fighting the JEWS!"

Mikey laughs, shits all over the Docs face and leaves him there in the middle of his living room, checking on him once a day and laughing at the Docs pleading for food, water and the internet.

Eventualy the Doc dies and Mikey uses whats left to sell to his local soap factory.

The moral of the story is, fake kooks are always more interesting than real ones.