Crazy Joe's message to y'all #2

Crazy Joe Speaks!

Hydrogen cyanide, is a byproduct of my Mineral Well Water and Nazi Developed Medications from WW2 that the US Drug Manufactures now Manufacture to wipe our Jews and Blacks from Africa to make room for the Mater White Race.

 Hydrogen cyanide, Prussic Acid that when hitting water vapor in the Air produces Hydrocyanic acid with an almond like odor, which is unable to be smelled by People with Israeli or African Genetic Traits, is responsible for the lower than normal for me, Nitrogen Content in my Urine, and is  a product of the Generic Amoxicillin From LEK and my Well Water, that made my body attract Chlorine Compounds out of the Air and cause Red Lupus Rashes on my face as the Chlorine Compounds collecting from the air in my shower Water, also burned my Lungs and Sinus, and this Hydrocyanic acid  is what was in the Gases used in Gas Chambers in Nazi Germany, because us Jews cannot smell it, when we enter Showers or Rains. The Medications that the US and Soviets developed after WW2 were made by capturing the Nazi Medical Technology that was used by Nazi Doctors for purifying Society of People with African Descent, which also meant getting rid of us Jews because out Genetic Makeup comes from our Ancestors living in Africa, living in Egypt for Hundreds of Years.

Immune disorders in African Descent Americans caused my Western Inert Ingredients in the Medications and by Western Processed Food Ingredients.

The Water from the river Nile in Egypt floods the land  and covers it with Soil that is a different Chemical Composition than anywhere else in the world. People who have ancestors who lived in Africa whether they are Black or Write, the Chemicals from the Soil alter the Food
differently than Western or European Soils do,  so when descendants of Joseph, the Son of Israel who took an Egyptian Priest's daughter to wife,  and produced us of Egyptian Foods and Soils that altered our Ancestors Chemical and Biological Composition for hundreds of Years thereafter, our Bodies, even after many Generations, were altered by the Foods our Ancestors ate, and by the Waters that they drank. When we of Africans Descent eat Western Produced Foods and drink Western Waters that have a different Chemical Composition from the Soil than Africa, we often develop similar symptoms from the Chemical Reactions between our Ancestors Chemical Composition, and the New Western Chemical Composition from the Soil and Waters, like the Red Lupus Rashes, which affect more Black African Americans than Whites, but it affects those of us who have Israeli Ancestors, that lived in Africa for Hundreds of Years, and to this Day, our Bodies still react to our African Background, that altered our Bodies, because we  still Inherit some of the African Chemical and Biological Composition. I produced Fertilizer for my Garden from Western Soil, the same way that the River Nile produces it in the Nile River Valley where my Israeli ancestors lived. And I Bought Middle Eastern Durum Wheat  like as my Ancestors ate,  and I grew my Foods from this Soil fertilized the same way as their Gardens were fertilized by the River Nile, and my Body has begun Healing, but I am having Problems getting Healed, because I have Small Rocks imbedded in my Body from several different US States, and the Inert Ingredients in Medications cause my Immune System to attack and try to dissolve those Rocks that have  a Western Chemical Composition. Western Byproducts of Processed Cornstarch and Western Produce Fungal Yeasts and Western Produces Grains, causes my body to not be able to have and Western Processed Cornstarch and or Western Fungal Yeast in my Digestive Track, because it cannot Process Sugar Properly in my System,  and causes me to eventually after causing insomnia, to start causing Cramps, as it causes my Immune System to attack those Western Processed things, and cause my Immune System to attack my Body trying to get rid of those Western Produced Products, which is more violent when I have certain Types of or Strep Bacteria Strains that grew Native to the West and Native to People of Western Descent like Native Americans and Native American Latinos.

A Silver Snuff Spoon and Chopper is all that is needed to measure out 400 MCG or 0.04 MG of Folic Acid, which is the daily Recommended Amount of Folic Acid. The Pharmacy wants to charge me $5.19 for 250 Tabs with Inert Ingredients that will trigger another acute episode of Lupus Immune System Disorder, and will not give me 90 Dosages of the Powder Folic Acid which they falsely say I cannot measure out that small of amounts, so that they want to charge me $78 for measuring it out and putting it into 90 Capsules, and will not just sell me the powder, which they say costs $40 for 90 Dosages, when it only Costs $5.19 for 250 Dosages in their Generic Tab Forms.

The falsely called Cornstarch Based ERY-TAB Erythromycin that I had adverse reactions to from ABBOT has many of the same none Cornstarch Based Inert Ingredients as the Generic Amoxicillin from LEK and the falsely called Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from Westwar. It has this one not in the others, Ammonium Hydroxide, then this one in all the other, colloidal silicon dioxide, which causes all the other inert ingredients to react with the rocks and dirt in my Body and Bloodstream that my Body is trying to dissolve and flush out, every time I take a Medication that has colloidal silicon dioxide in its inert ingredients. Then it has croscarmellose sodium, like the PVP Synthetic Blood Plasma in the LEK Amoxicillin that causes me a big headache, because my Body normally does not produce new Platelets as often because New Platelets are larger and cause a headache in the constricted blood vessels in the damaged portion of my Brain, but the PVP having Larger Cells than what my Body Produces to prevent a Headache, forces its way through the Constricted Vessels causing me a huge Headache every time I take a Medication that has croscarmellose sodium in its inert ingredients, then it has these, many of which if taken alone cause me to have other types of adverse reactions also. crospovidone, diacetylated monoglycerides, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, hypromellose phthalate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellose, povidone, propylene glycol, sodium citrate, sorbitan monooleate, talc, and Titanium Dioxide. The LEK Amoxicillin taken on 8/26 sent me to the Emergency Room 8/27, and this Erythromycin from ABBOT taken on 8/29, sent me to the Emergency Room on 9/1 when it was the only Medication besides COPEGASYS I was taking. 8/27 the Sleeping pill I was taking with Cornstarch in it, I had just quit taking so I could sleep, and the higher ALT of 89 and AST of 87 on 8/27 was caused by the Amoxicillin the day before, not by my Hepatitis C Treatment, and on 9/1, the higher ALT of 115 and AST of 89 was caused by the  Erythromycin, not by my Hepatitis C Treatment, and on 9/4 the Lower ALT of 94 and AST of 75 was caused by not taking anymore Erythromycin, and I know my rising and lowering Liver Functions are not caused by the Hepatitis C, because before I got Hepatitis C which I was checked for every time I ended up in an emergency room after being treated for an infection, and was given a drug and alcohol screen test every time, because my Liver Functions were higher, and they just could not believe I did not have Hepatitis C, and I had no Alcohol in my Blood or my Breath. My Liver Functions go up and down because I am like a Celiac, allergic to Cornstarch that uses whatever Fungus it can in my Digestive System to Convert Sugar to different types of Drugs and or Alcohol, like Bread and Brewers Fungal Yeast make Sugar into Alcohol, and LSD is made from a Rye Grain Fungus, and V Potassium is Made from a Fungus, and my Body uses those different Fungus to produce different Drugs and or Alcohol.

I grew a Culture of Several Different Bacterial Strains from my Garden that are completely Antibiotic Resistant. The First Group of Strains of Bacteria that are completely Antibiotic Resistant are Fecal Chloroform Bacteria responsible for being in your digestive track and converting Lactose from Milk and Milk Products to Blood Sugar, and the Second  group of Strains of Bacteria that are completely Antibiotic Resistant are Gingivitis Bacteria responsible for what People call Bad Breath, but are also responsible for mixing with your foods as you chew them, and helping your body digest the Food, Bad Breath is caused by not Chewing your Food enough.

The things that kill these Good Bacteria in your Digestive System is Fungal Infections and or Bacterial Infections, and or Viral Infections, and or Chemical Poisoning, and or ANION Cap changing your overall Body Charge too far one way or the other, causing Five Types of Immune System Disorders called Lupus Disease. The first type of Immune System Disorder called Lupus Disease, is where your Immune System Attacks itself and your autoimmune System attacks your Body and Bone Joints, which is triggered by Certain Strains of Strep Bacteria that the Body cannot get rid of without Bicillin, and your Immune System keeps killing off the Fecal Chloroform Bacteria in your Digestive Track causing sudden Blood Sugar Drops until you get Bicillin to take out the Strep Bacterial Strains causing the problem. The second type of Immune System Disorder called Lupus Disease, is where your Immune System Attacks itself and your autoimmune System attacks your Body and Bone Joints, which is triggered by Certain Types of Fungal Infections in the Digestive track, from Fungal Yeast Breads and Drinks, and or from Wheat Fungus, or Oats Fungus, and or Barley Fungus, and or from Rye Fungus, and or from Cane Sugar Fungus, and or from Medications where V Potassium is fermented from a Fungus, and or from other Medications or Inert Ingredients that were fermented from a Fungus, all of which different Types of Grain Fungus and Cane Sugar Fungus and Medication and or Inert Ingredient producing Fungus, during its fermentation process in the Digestive Track with Sugar and or other Grain Products and or other Medication Products and or Foods, has waste Products that Kill Fecal Chloroforms that your digestive track needs, where your Immune System takes all the Salts from your Body, and throws it into your digestive track to kill the Fungus and to cause you to have Diarrhea to excrete the Fungus and the Salts that were used to Kill the Fungus, and then your Immune System  detects your Blood Sugar dropping, and shuts down its the Fungal and Bacterial and Viral Defense Systems to protect the Fecal Chloroforms in your Digestive Track, leaving your Body Open for Fungal and Viral and Bacterial Infections. The third type of Immune System Disorder called Lupus Disease, is where your Immune System Attacks itself and your autoimmune System attacks your Body and Bone Joints, which is triggered by Chemical Composition of Certain Types of Drugs or Inert Ingredients from Drugs or added Ingredients to Foods, or certain Compounds in Drinking Water, in the Digestive track, where your Immune System again takes all the Salts from your Body, and throws it into your digestive track to kill what it thinks is a  Fungus, to cause you to have Diarrhea to excrete the Fungus and the Salts that it tried to use to Kill the Fungus, but then your Immune System realizes it was not a Fungus,  and causes  its Bacterial and Viral  Defense System to go into overtime even killing the Fecal Chloroforms in your Digestive Track, causing a Sudden Blood Sugar Drop, and your Immune System throws more of your Salts into the Digestive track, thinking it is a Fungus, and the Bacterial and Viral Defense Systems starts attacking every portion of your Body filling  up what it thinks is infected portions of your Body with fluids, which is anywhere that has those Certain Types of Drugs or Inert Ingredients from Drugs or added Ingredients to Foods, or certain Compounds in Drinking Water, in it, and when it cannot get rid of them, the Fungal and Bacterial and Viral Defense Systems shuts down to Protect what Fecal Chloroforms are left, leaving your Body Open for Fungal and Viral and Bacterial Infections.

The Fourth type of Immune System Disorder called Lupus Disease, which is where your Immune System Attacks itself and your autoimmune System attacks your Body and Bone Joints, which is triggered by Foods, Water, or Medications, that have an alike excess Positive or excess Negative Charge, Charged alike to your Body when Eating or Drinking them, the Body's reactions are the same as above, and the same as the Fifth Type of Immune System Disorder called Lupus Disease, which is where your Immune System Attacks itself and your autoimmune System attacks your Body and Bone Joints, which is triggered by a Virus. If you have one form of the Lupus Immune System Disorder, after the first acute episode caused by one of the Five things that triggers it, the next acute episode can be triggered by anyone of the other Five things that trigger Lupus Immune System Disorders, and can be deliberately triggered again, by giving a person with the Lupus Immune System Disease, any one of those Five things that triggers the Disorder.

I stopped the Abnormal Blood Readings that began August 8th until September 28th by getting rid of all sources of Chlorine out of the Building where I live, and increasing intake of Folic Acid to four times the daily recommended amount in Pinto Beans and Red Rhubarb, eating 432 Grams of Pinto Beans in Refried Beans with Lard per day, eating a tablespoon at a time, every 20 to 30 Minutes all day, while increasing the Iron content by Cooking 600 Grams per day, of the Rhubarb in Mineral Water with a High Content of Iron and other Metals and Minerals, and adding two to four Tablespoons of Cain Sugar after Cooking, and eating one to three table spoons every 20 to 30 Minutes all day, as the Rhubarb was intentionally grown to have Organic Chloramines for the Fecal Chloroforms in my Stomach to feed on and turn into Salts to Poison Fungus with, as the  Fecal Chloroforms adds its own Salts Wastes  to the Cane Sugar that the Fungus feeds upon, and gets poisoned by the Salts. And at the end of that time of Red Rhubarb,  Cooking 600 Grams per day, of the Leaves and Stems of Red Beats, in the Mineral Water with a High Content of Iron and other Metals and Minerals, and after Cooking adding four to seven four Tablespoons of Cain Sugar after Cooking, and then Culturing Fecal Chloroforms in it, by Adding some Cultures Cottage Cheese with Fecal Chloroforms in it, and eating one to three table spoons every 20 to 30 Minutes all day, for my Beats were intentionally grown to have Organic Chloramines for the Fecal Chloroforms in my Beats, and in my Stomach to feed on, and turn into Salts, to Poison Fungus with, as the Fecal Chloroforms adds its own Salts Wastes  to the Cane Sugar that the Fungus feeds upon, and gets poisoned by the Salts, and eating 432 Grams of Pinto Beans in Refried Beans with Lard per day with it, a tablespoon at a time, every 20 to 30 Minutes all day.

Earth's Surface has an excess Negative Charge, and the Surface Air has an excess Positive Charge, and the Subsurface Water has an excess Positive Charge, cause two simultaneous Positive Charged reactions with Earth's Negative Surface, one from the Air above, and one from the Water and Soil beneath.  My Body made up of Positive Charged Well Water is made Neutral in my Body by the Negatively Charged Air that I breath.  Like many Solders who are stationed in, and or People  who live in Foxholes or Dugouts or Caves in Afghanistan, and or Pakistan, or Iran, or Iraq, or Africa, or in the USA, living in a Basement Apartment 12 Feet above the Positive Charged Water Level, at a point where the Opposite Negative Charges from above interact more often with the Positively Charged things below,  (Like Negatively Charge Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds, settle to the deepest holes in the surface of Earth,  to react with the Positive Ions in the Soil and Water below,) making the reactions  occur a little more heavily than on the surface, which living in the basement and drinking Positively Charged Well Water, makes my Body more  Positively Charged until when I come up from the basement to the Surface, and in the Basement saying here causes my Body to have more adverse Reactions with Negatively Charged Ions in the Air or in City or Bottled Water, and the opposite reactions when I come down from the surface to the basement. By giving us City or Bottled Water that has an excess Negative Charge, our Positively Charged Immune Systems attack the Negatively Charged Water as if it is a Viral and Bacterial and Fungal Infection until the Negatively Charged Water stops reacting with our Positively Charged Bodies. And while some Foods and Waters and Medications have an excess Charge that is Negative, this Reaction in me and in many others, is made worse by Giving us Drugs or Food or Water with an excess Positive Charge, like the Generic Amoxicillins have, or some Restaurant Foods have, or some City or Bottled Water has,  which the sudden Change to being more Positively Charged than the Water we Drink, the sudden Overall More Positive Charge Change, often causes our AINION Gap Balance to become so far off, Chlorine Compounds and other Negatively Charged Compounds in the Environment,  begin reacting with our Skin causing Red Rashes, and causes many of our Blood Level Functions to be abnormal, like lowering our Hemoglobin which does not stop until we get all the Chlorine Sources out of our Dwellings, and then our Blood Levels return to Normal. But Doctors always blame our Blood Level Changes on something else that is not causing it. When COPEGASYS is dissolved in my Well Water, it turns my Positively Charged Well Water to such a Negative Charge, it does not react with Chlorine when Added. But Amoxicillin dissolved in my Well Water makes a solution so Positively Charged it Violently Reacts with Chlorine. When this highly Positive Charged Medication is put in our Systems, we begin reacting to Chlorine in the Environment.

Chlorine with negative Charge reacts with my Water that has a Positive Charge,  and an overall Negative Charged Ion Solution reacts with some of the Magnesium Compound Rocks Imbedded in my Body, and reacts with some of the Silicon Compounds and its Dopants, and causes them to react with other Compounds in my Body differently, like the Gelatin Titanium Dioxide and Shellac and Titanium Dioxide for example, which are found in Food Coloring and Clothe Coloring and Medication Coloring and are found in Foods Naturally Grown in forms of Titanium Dioxide.

Since 1982 this after being hit in the head with a Rock that caused my Problems, this is how the Medical Staff and Doctors  always handles the removal of a few small stones repeatedly causing me viral and bacterial  infections in my Right Eye and Sinus Cavity and or in my Right Ear and or in my Jaw and or in my Left Buttock, because of the Imbedded Rocks there. The Doctors and the Pharmacists will not help me get the right Medication forms that I do not have painful reactions to, and they will not take out the Rocks that some Foods and Waters, and some of their Medications and some of their Inert Ingredients, react to and cause me severe painful adverse reactions to the byproducts of the reactions, and the Police will not help me get a Surgeon Doctor or Pharmacist that will get get me the right medications forms that I will not have adverse reactions to, and take out the Rocks that react to some Foods and to some Waters and to some Medication and to some Inert Ingredients in Medications, and cause me severe painful adverse reactions, to the byproducts of the reactions. And the Police just send me back to the same Doctors who misdiagnose me so that they can make money, by not taking out the Rocks that cause the problems, as they keep giving me drugs that keep reacting with the Rocks that they falsely say are not the cause of the problem, so that they can make more money causing me severe pains and more severe harm. So I need at least six Sterile Scalpels and three sterile tweezes and some antiseptics, and enough of three sets of Bandages, to change once a day for at least a week, so that I may do the operations my self, and remove a rock from my left side of my Jaw, and from the earlobe of my right ear, and from my left buttock just below the tailbone, to allow my Immune System to work on getting rid of the smaller granules of rock in my right eye, and right Cheek, and in the right side of my nose, and in my eyebrow above the right eye that cause it to swell my my Immune System gets active. Since no one will help me get a Surgeon to do it, because I have adverse reactions to every medication that they give me, and they will not take out the rocks that cause my Immune system to be overactive at times, and cause it to shut down at other times, I will just have to find the best Medical Instruments I can, that  I need for the three operations, and improvise, and do the operations myself, I will let you know the results after the rocks are successfully taken out, with or without a Doctors help. It will have to be without a Doctors help because when I tell them what symptoms are caused by the Rocks, they just send me to a Primary Care Doctor who does not take the Rocks out, and just sends me to an EMT Doctor who does not remove the Rocks, and  just sends me to an Orthopedics Doctor who always blames my overactive immune system on something else and does not take the Rocks out, and just sends me to a Urologist who does not take the Rocks out, and they send me to Neurologists who record the abnormal brainwaves that being hit with that caused, and which change every time I have adverse reactions to Food or Water or to Medications or to Inert Ingredients in the Medications, and they all just give me Drugs that have Medication or Inert Ingredients that Interact with the Rocks, and sends me into severe pains and sends me to Emergency Rooms where they see the Rocks on X-rays, but always blame something else as the problem, and they do not take out the Rocks, but send me to Psychiatrists who do not take out the Rocks and just give me more  Drugs that have Medication or Inert Ingredients that Interact with the Rocks, and sends me into severe pains and sends me back to the Emergency Rooms, who just sends me back to Psychiatrists for more pain caused by their Drugs that have Medication or Inert Ingredients that Interact with the Rocks, and sends me into severe pains again and again.

Because of my Immune System dissolving the Rocks and carrying the products through my Blood, the Electro Magnetic Fields from my 4 port BELKIN USB Connector and my Power Vise Surge Protector and from the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and from the wire to my external Hard Drives and external CD and DVD recorders, and my Five in one Printer, cause my AINION GAP Balance to become off, along with things cooked in Glass Bowls in the Microwave, when the Charge is not first Neutralized by discharge into the Air, or into a Ground wire hooked to Ground wire port in the Electrical Receptor. Make sure you Electrical System has Ground Wires that run all the way to the Grounding Bar in the Circuit Breaker Box, if it does not have the grounds, the Electrical Equipment in your Home or Office will throw off your AINION GAP Balance and cause Immune Deficiency Type Disorders. I have to redo my Apartment, because that is part of why I am having adverse reactions. I can feel the energy drain from my Body as my hands begin to tingle when I hold the Belkin USB Port connector for a While, and or use the Wireless Mouse and keyboard too much. The Keyboard was worse than the Mouse. So I switched to a Keyboard and Mouse with a Wire Connection, and am Bundling all the Connection Wires and Transformers and Surge Protector, and enclosing  them in a shelf on the Computer Table, with Aluminum Foil, and wrapping the lose wires that come out of it with Aluminum Foil, and Transparent Office Tape, to cut down the distance that the Electromagnetic Fields from them, reach out. Why? When you are close to the Wires, your AINION GAP Balance changes to produce New Salts to handle that Environment, and when you walk away, your AINION GAP Balance Changes back to produce Salts for Handling that Environment. I noticed this is what is happening, because if I spent a little time at my Computer, and an equal amount of time in my Garden, my Anion Gap Balance leveled out, but if I spent too much time at the Computer while having a 36 inch TV Running next to me too, my Ainion Gap Balance began to get thrown off easier making me wobble more, when I ate or drank things that were not in the Electromagnetic Fields from my Computer and TV, and or I spent too much time at the Stores or Doctors Offices. For the Computer had become my Eyes and Ears, because I was more Blind and Deaf, and used my Computer to overcome my Disabilities, it literally Changed my ANION GAP Balance in the Right Direction for me to begin Healing, and helped me function more normally, but now I need to get it in Balance without that Electromagnetic Field about me, so that I may function more normally, because now the Electromagnetic Field around my Computer and TV are swinging my AINION GAP Balance too far that way, and I will swing it back right, by cutting down that Electromagnetic Field with Aluminum Foil and Transparent Tape. I have to get rid of my Microwave out of my Apartment, I cannot block the waves from it that throw my ANION Balance off, so I bought Pyrex Dishes and Cookware from Wal Mart, to use on the Stove and in the Oven, I will use the Microwave in the Garage for some Chemical Medications I need to Cook in it, I can turn it on and just leave till it is done, and when I discharge the Medication I will use a Metal Spoon in my left hand, because discharging it with my right hand made it stronger, but my Left Hand is weak, and needs to be balanced out that way. I still need to get Clear Pyrex Frying Pans and Vegetable Cooking Pots with Handles for cooking some of my Food Medications, and use my Cast Iron Pots for others, because some things need to be prepared there because the Iron causes the right reaction to occur, and in other reactions it causes the wrong things to occur, and that is the same with Pyrex Glass Cookware, and Stainless Steel Cookware. When I use all three and just cook the right things in each that do not react with the Cookware it is cooked in, I get healthier. I never had many Copper Cookware Sets, only a few Copper Pans, but some things would cook or be prepared better there than in the others, like Corn and Grains for example, do not interact with the Copper in Copper Stills, the same as they do not react with Pyrex Cookware, but react with Iron more, than with Stainless Steel. Colored Pyrex Cookware causes adverse reactions because the Coloring is a Dopant to Silicon Dioxide, that causes it to have a Charge, and the Food Cooked there makes me Sick, because the Silicon and their Dopants cause the Food cooked there to become Charged to react with other Types of Rocks, and causes the Food Cooked there, to react with the Rocks that I have in my Right Eye and in my Jaw, more than with the Rocks stuck in my flesh, in my Right Ear and just below my Tailbone, because they interact with some Silicon and different types of Dopants, more than the other Rocks.

Normally the AINION GAP swings back and forth between your Body being more overall Positively Charged to being more overall Negatively Charged, to keep your Bodies Systems, Producing the right things for you, when the Charge naturally swings back to Neutral, producing different Compounds at the peak of each swing, for your Body to use to swing it back towards Neutral, but this balance gets thrown off when you eat and or drink things prepared outside you normal daily Environment. To stop the AINION GAP from being shifted too far with a Positive Charge or too Far with a Negation Charge by Medications and or by Cooked Foods or by Oppositely Charged Drinking Waters that you do not normally eat or drink,  Ionize the Water you normally drink, by adding a Salt to it, like Sodium Chloride without Iodine, and dissolve the Medication in the Water, and then drink the dissolved Medication Water. And or Ionize the Water that you Cook in, with just a little Sodium Chloride without Iodine, before Cooking your Foods in it.

The AINION GAP being shifted too far with a Positive Charge or too Far with a Negation Charge, because of oppositely charged Medications or Foods or Drinks, not being Processed in the Environmental Charge Balance in your Home, it what causes Immune Disorders, because you Immune System attacks the wrongly Charged Medications or Foods or Drinks, as it it were a Viral and a Bacterial and Fungal Infection, and as a Chemical Poisoning, and if after running through its defense Mechanisms, it has failed to take out  the oppositely charged Medications or Foods or Drinks, your Immune System will shut down, to prevent destroying the Fecal Chloroforms and other Good Bacteria in your Digestive System, leaving your Body Vulnerable to  Viral and Bacterial and Fungal Infections and Chemical Poisoning.

When the AINION Gap is knocked out too far, oppositely Charged Ion Solutions with will swing it back to normal if down right. I use Two sets of Oppositely Charged Ion Solutions were each set has one that is drinkable, and the other not drinkable to soak my feet in while drinking the oppositely charged Ion Solution.

I take my Well Water unfiltered and add a Drop of Chlorine Bleach to it, to Ionize the Water oppositely to my unfiltered Well Water that I add Ammonia and Isopropyl Alcohol to. Then as I soak my feet in the Ammonia and Isopropyl Alcohol Water, while eating Refried Beans and High Folic Acid Foods, and sipping on the Gallon of unfiltered Well Water with Chlorine added. But after changing the Water for my Feet several Times, because the Ammonia and Isopropyl Alcohol Water, gets too Cloudy White from drawing things out of my Body, I begin to fell like it is harder to breath, as it takes Silicon and its Dopants and Ammonia and Manganese and Titanium Compounds out of my Body. To clear up my Lungs, I then add Super Iron out to unfiltered Well Water for soaking my Feet in, about a teaspoon full, and I add three teaspoons of Sodium Bicarbonate to a 1 Quart Bottle of my unfiltered Drinking Water, and as I soak my feet and drink the Water, my feet begin producing bubbles in the water, as eat more of the same things I ate before, and soon it feels like cool fresh air in my Lungs, but each time when my feet stop producing Bubbles, I change the water for my feet and add more Super Iron Out, and it produces more Bubbles, but if I do it to many times, my eyes begin to burn from the gas coming out of my Feet, like it does when adding Super Iron Out to the Toilet Tank and flushing it, so it must be done in open fresh air to prevent that. The things it is taking out of my Body are Silicon and its Dopants and Ammonia and Manganese and Titanium Compounds.

When I write on the Internet that I am going to raise my Low Blood test Levels by Diet and prove these Doctors wrong, and then I write what I will do to raise my Low Red Blood Cell count with Iron Enriched Beats added to my diet, and then I have an adverse reaction to medications that a Pharmacy gave me, and the Hospital that they take me to, runs every Blood Test imaginable to include a drug and Alcohol Blood Screen Tests, and every Liver Function Test, and every Blood Cell Test except for the Red Blood Cell count, and this interferes with the Science Data that I need at the time to get well by Diet, it is because someone reads what I write on the Internet, and uses the Medical System and my Medical Records to try to cause me more harm, as the Pharmacists say that they cannot get the Medications and Glucometer that my Doctors prescribed to help me adjust my Diet so that I can get well, and will only offer me Medications with Inert Ingredients in them that Interact with the Rocks in my Ear and Eye and Jaw and in my Buttock that my overactive Immune System is trying to dissolve, and makes them swell and hurt  at times, flooding them with body fluids, so that it may flush them out of my Body,  but the Doctors always blame my Over Active Immune System attacking my Body on something else, instead of on those Rocks imbedded in my Skin and that show up on X-rays,  like the first Orthopedics Doctor who instead of on the Rocks Imbedded in my Body at several different places, blamed my Overactive Immune System on Strep Bacteria because I had just gotten over a Strep Bacterial Infection, and not seeing the extreme pain it causes me when my System gets overactive before setting down and letting me get bacterial infections where those Rocks are Imbedded, and not believing the antibiotics that I just had caused adverse reactions to the Inert Ingredients that interact Chemically with those Imbedded Rocks and cause me severe pain, they gave me over the counter pain relievers that when I take them, they all cause the pains to increase so much, that it is written in my Medical Records that I have adverse reactions to those Medications,  and the second Orthopedics Doctor  later on,  not seeing the extreme pain it causes me when my System gets overactive before setting down and letting me get bacterial infections where those Rocks are Imbedded, blames the Overactive Immune System attacking my Joints on having just got Hepatitis C a few years before, instead of on the Rocks Imbedded in my Body at several different places, and the antibiotics that I just had adverse reactions to the Inert Ingredients that interact Chemically with those Imbedded Rocks and cause me severe pain, and he gives me the same mild pain killers as the first and causes the same adverse reactions as the first, and the third Orthopedics Doctor  later on, not seeing the extreme pain it causes me when my System gets overactive before setting down and letting me get bacterial infections where those Rocks are Imbedded, blames the Overactive Immune System attacking my Joints on having just got Treatment for Hepatitis C a few weeks before, instead of on the Rocks Imbedded in my Body at several different places, and the antibiotics that I just had adverse reactions to the Inert Ingredients that interact Chemically with those Imbedded Rocks and cause me severe pain, and tells my Doctors to gives me the same mild pain killers as the first two Orthopedists Doctors so that he can get them to cause me the same pains as the first two.  And the the Doctors answering service in Blaine who had told Dr Edman that Doctor Dexter was wrong and had her give me Antibiotics that I said I have have allergies from Generic Drugs, but she gave them to me anyway  and caused a Chemical Reaction between the Inert Ingredients and those Rocks, and the Pharmacies refuse to get me Medications that do not have those inert Ingredients that react Chemically with the Rocks imbedded in my Body, and they deliberately keep causing this reaction t keep cause me extreme pain as they deliberately falsely Blame the Only Medications that do not interact with those Rocks and are doing me Good, PEGASYS and COPEGASYS. which are curing me of Hepatitis C.. I still have not been able to talk with Dr Dexter, even though I told the Phone service since the last time in the Emergency Room on Sunday, I now have Three Dark Patches of Sin that appear to be growing like Moles that I did not have before, and I now need those tested too, to see if they are Malignant or not, or are just another product of the Inert Ingredients reaction with those rocks, like the Titanium Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Compounds and Silicone Compounds form in the Calluses of my Feet when I soak them in Ammonia Water with Alcohol in it. Why don't they just take out as many of those bigger Rocks, like the one in my Jaw and right ear and just below my Tailbone on my Left Buttock, and let my overactive immune system flush out the smaller stuff so that my Immune system will stop trying to dissolve those bigger rocks to get rid of them?

My name is Joseph R Loegering

12808 Orono Rd Nw Elk River MN 55330-1740
ph 763-355-9135

Dr Dexter's Answering Service is deliberately blocking Faxes to my Doctor for the Pharmacy and is deliberately not giving my Doctor the right messages from me, to try to intentionally cause me more harm and cause my Death. They refuse to have Dr Dexter call me, and are ordering her not to treat me.

Dr Bensen on Sunday wrote on the Princeton Emergency Rood release for, to talk to my Doctor, Dr Dexter about my Medications and a Glucometer. .But Brenda the Pharmacists who gave me the First Amoxicillin that I had an adverse reaction to at Fairview Elk River Clinic, in the Presence and while consulting with Dr Edman, who was deliberately trying to Prove Dr Dexter wrong for the treatment that she gave me in and March through July,  because of what Dr Dexter's Answering Service who are not Doctors, had written in my Medical Records. Brenda' staff and her  told my Sister that all she needed to do was to check with Dr Dexter to see what Type Glucometer I was use to, so I took my old Accu-Check Advantage that I got from the VA to Brenda and said this is the Kind I am use to. Brenda said that they Faxed Dr Dexter and were waiting for a Response as they filled the Prescription Dr Dexter Wrote with another Generic Amoxicillin calling this one from Westwar a Cornstarch Based Medication, because Dr Dexter wrote the Prescription for a Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin, but this one has many of the none Cornstarch Based Inert Ingredients that the Generic Amoxicillin from LEK had,  and when I had an adverse reaction to it Friday Brenda said she would order a different one for Monday, I ended up in the Emergency Room at Princeton on Sunday because the Police and Ambulance Driver insisted that I go to the Princeton Emergency Room and be checked out against my will, and Dr Bensen saw I was telling the truth about how it was Chlorine and not the COPEGASYS Medication that was causing me harm, and realized it was the Common Inert Ingredients in the Two Amoxicillin that was reacting with a Rock imbedded in my Jaw, and some in my Right eye and ear, and suggested since they are causing so much Problem, to have them removed Surgically when I talk to my Dr about the Medications and the Glucometer. Dr Bensen also wrote a Prescription for Folic Acid because my Blood Test indicate that Folic Acid in my Diet is doing me Good, but I do not have enough of it. On Monday I went to get the prescription filled and asked again about the Glucometer, Brenda said she was faxing it to Dr Dexter a Second time saying that they got nothing from Dr Dexter the first time, but Dr Bensen told me when I asked, that it was on the Computer, but Brenda says it is not on the Pharmacy Computer were Dr Dexter sent it. Brenda Brought out one Generic Amoxicillin after the other all having the same Colloidal Silicon Dioxide in it that I have had adverse reactions to all three times this Pharmacy has given it to me. I tried calling Dr Dexter like Dr Bensen said on the release paper, but again like last March through July, the answering Operators will not foreword any messages to my Doctor, and have here call me as the pain increases, that she will stop by getting me the right medications and operation, if I can talk to here, but the Answering Service refused to contact Dr Dexter and put a Doctor on that said he is going to have Dr Dexter ordered not to Treat me, and they are deliberately doing this, because it is in my Medical Records, that Dr Dexter is the only Doctor in  Minnesota that has been able to successfully treat me without causing me harm, and these Doctors and Phone answering are deliberately blocking me Proper Medical Treatment so that they can again deliberately cause me harm while trying to cause my Death by lack of proper Medical Treatment.

It is some food Coloring in my Diet and in Inert Ingredients that I am having some adverse reactions to also,  both the Tabs that get their White Coloring  and their Pink Coloring. If I take warm Mineral Water and put some Ammonia in it, and put some Isopropyl Alcohol in it,  and soak my feet in the Ions, it builds thick calluses on my Feet containing Titanium Oxide and Titanium Dioxide and several Silicon Dioxides, and this process is speeded up if I take a Gallon of Mineral Water and put a drop of Chlorine Bleach in it, and drink a swallow of it occasionally, and it stops much of the pain doing this, but I have to keep doing it, because my Immune System is dissolving the Rock in my Jaw causing my Jaw Bone Damage on the X-rays, and is dissolving the Rocks in my Right Eye causing a Cataract, and is dissolving the stones in my Right Cheek and right ear, as my Immune System get overactive and kills off the Fecal Chloroform in my Digestive Track, causing me to have sudden and dangerously low Blood Sugar Drops..  If I could get the Doctors  and Medical Doctors' Phone operators to understand the Doctor Bensen had the Right Idea, to remove the larger stone from my Jaw by Surgery under Local Anesthesia, because I can used these Oppositely Charged Ions Solution to draw the Silicon and Titanium Oxide and Titanium Dioxide out of my System as well as some other compounds that have been causing me to have adverse reactions. I now have another Prescription I cannot get filled here In Elk River, and I still cannot get the other filled either

Dr Bensen looked at my Ear and I showed him the swollen point, and he said it is just an Inflammation, and took no Culture and said, I can find no Infection Just like every Fairview Doctor, and many Doctors in the past have done, and Left me in pain from the Infection. The Fairview Pharmacy wanted me to Buy the Prescription for Folic Acid from them that I had asked Dr Bensen for in Power form, he agreed my Blood Tests shows that I  need it, and I explained most of the Food I get from the Food Bank does not have enough Folic Acid. The Fairview Pharmacy that I told I was allergic to Generics, put the Prescription sticker over the 250 Tabs of 400 Mcg Tablets, that Dr Bensen had only written 90, I had to get them to show me the Inert Ingredients on another bottle and it contains several that I already had adverse reactions for, so I asked for my $5.19 back and asked for the amount Dr Bensen wrote for me in Powder form, they called the Drug Company and they said that they would measure it out into 90 Capsules for $78, and would not just give me the powder for 90 400 MCG dosages, and said that would cost me $40 Dollars, when three times that amount of Powder in those 250 Tabs only Costs $5.19. The Pharmacist lost my Doctors orders for the Glucometer and says I have to go back and talk to my Doctor, and she brought out Six More Generic Amoxicillin Tabs right in a row, and all of them had Colloidal Silicon Dioxide the same as the last three that I had adverse reactions to, because it knocks my AINION GAP off, and causes me to have adverse reactions to the normal amount of Chlorine in the environment, with PVP, a Synthetic Blood Plasma that was in several,  and they each had other Inert Ingredients that I also had adverse reactions to, and they said, All we carry is Generics. The drug induced Lupus Rash that I have, turned redder, and I got sicker and weaker,  at each Pharmacy I went to trying to get the prescriptions filled, because of the smell of the Generic Chemicals in each place, that caused my Drug Induced Lupus Immune Disorder, because I have adverse reactions to all them inert ingredients.

Because the pain in my ear is rapidly increasing the way it always has
when the Doctors said it was not infected, I need a scale and chemical
tools capable of weighing out Micrograms, Milligrams, Grams and Kilograms, so that I can measure out Powdered Medication. Pfizer makes Veterinary Amoxicillin that has Inert Ingredients that I can handle, I need a Veterinarian to write a Prescription for an Arab Horse that a Lady said I can have for free. I need 40 ea 500 MG Capsules.

September 28 my Hemoglobin was 12.6 Low, up from 12.5 on 9/11, and has been low since I got sick August 8th and the Doctors kept saying falsely that it is because of COPEGASYS, but after finding a Swimming Pool Chlorination Tab in the Laundry room and getting rid of all Chlorine Sources in the Building, today October 5th, my Hemoglobin rose to a normal level 13.9, for the first time after getting rid of all the Chlorine that cause Red Lupus Rashes, and my White Blood Cell Count rose from 3.5 to 4.0, but my Platelets only rose from 134 to 142, which Platelet Production raises MCH to 34.0 and MCV to 102. from 192, they did not take my RBC on 9/28, but was 3.67 on 8/27, 3.81 on 9/11, 3.88 on 9/18, and 4.09 on 10/4, which is still low. My Salt Levels are all normal now, but my low ANION GAP 5.3. up from 5. What changed my Charge? A combination of things did it. Number one static from rubbing the Carpet while at my Computer changed a little before I started getting sick because I bought a wireless Mouse and Keyboard. Next the Neighbor's Water is Charged oppositely as mine, it has Chlorine and mine reacts to Chlorine. Next at the same time I drank from the Neighbor's Garden Hose, I cut my Finger of a Grinder before pressure washing a trailer causing my Immune System to begin attacking the dirt in it, and the Rocks in my Face and Right Eye and Right Ear. The what drastically changed the Charge so that Chlorine was attracted to me, was the Day Doctor Edman gave me Generic Amoxicillin from LEK which is so positively Charged that it reacts ferociously with Chlorine when mixed in my Well Water, because they both are charged to react with Chlorine. Next besides Bleach Bottles in the House, there was a Swimming Pool Chlorination Tab on the Shelf in the Laundry Room, that every time the Hot Water from the Washer drained into the Sink, the plastic Package on the Chlorination Tab Bloated up because of the Heat and Moisture, and began Leaking the Chlorine that I was oppositely charge to, into the air and into my apartment..

To help maintain the Cell Production, Dr Leo Bensen wrote me a Prescription for Folic Acid after I explained how Chlorine from the air lowers my Hemoglobin and causes the Red Lupus Rashes, so he ran a Lupus Blood Test, but said because of the Blood test Levels, it looks
like I may no longer have the same antibodies as before. They needed to Run the Lupus Test when my Blood levels were off. I explained how the Amoxicillin dissolved in my Water reacts with Chlorine, and how this event started August 8th by Drinking City Water that has an opposite Chemical Charge to my Well Water, and how it changed my Bodies Chemical Charge by Taking Amoxicillin Tabs and Capsules, and how an IV Amoxicillin in Saline Solution causes no Chemical Charge change in my Body,  and how Chlorine and Oxygen  combine to for Choleric Oxide and then for with Water to make Hypohlorous Acid that gets on my Skin and in my Sinus and Lungs and lowers my Hemoglobin, as it forms Inorganic Chloramines with Ammonia in my Kidneys and then forms Organic Chloramines out of my Kidneys, and he said that was an interesting theory but would be hard to prove, till he saw my Blood Test changes and realized I was right. But at first, because he treated me for that last adverse reactions to Generic Amoxicillin from LEK, he realized I was right about the ties between the Common Colloidal Silicon Dioxide in both brands of Amoxicillin, and the Silicon Dioxide in Bottled and City Water, which cause my Immune System to attack the Rocks in my Face and Ear, because my body is only use to the Silicon Dioxide in my Well Water, and any other type Silicon Dioxide causes my Immune System to attack those Rocks, and after seeing them Rocks on the X-rays, that the Radiology Department failed to see, he suggested having them removed by Surgery, because that is what my Immune System is attacking before it shuts down and lets me get infected. But the small granules of Rock in my Right Eye causing the Cataract to grow, will not be able to be removed by surgery.

The Doctor wrote for 90  . 400 micrograms, MCR, is 0.4 milligrams, MG. This is a Tab. This is the Total Daily amount, so I will have to grind the with my Mortar and Pestle, so that I can add it to my Foods that have some Folic Acid in the. The smaller Squash that it not rip has a higher concentration of Vitamins for growing new Cells, so adding Folic Acid with my Pinto Beans that have Folic Acid already, and eating them with young Squash, with my Iron Fortified Beats, will drive both my Red Blood Cells up, and my Platelets too. I will take different Temperature Showers and sleep on the ground outside to level out the charges of my AINION GAP.

I need the Glucometer and Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin Medication, that Dr Dexter ordered for me, but the Pharmacy cannot get me, without them I will die soon.

The VA gave me an Accu-Check Advantage because of the Sudden Blood Sugar Drops I was having from Corn Syrup in 1999 and 2000. The Comfort Curve Strips issued to me in 2000, expired 12/31/2000. The batteries on both my Accu-Check Advantage and my Accu-Chek Instant are dead, and I have no Test Strips for either one. The Drug induced Immune System Disorder that causes my sudden Blood Sugar Drops, is caused by the Inert Ingredients added to Cornstarch Based Medications, that are not Cornstarch Based, the Amoxicillin can have no Inert Ingredients that are not Cornstarch Based, because they are what causes the Drug- induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder. I need an Accu- Check Advantage and Accu- Check Comfort Curve, Test Strips, with Good Batteries so that I can adjust my Diet, because things I eat dramatically change my Blood Sugar after eating it, but it drops or rises by the time I get to Hospitals twenty or thirty miles away, so I need to test it here before and after I eat anything, and record how each changed it and why. Some things kill off the Fecal Chloroform, some things make my Blood unable to carry Blood Sugar for a Short time, and I need to separate from my Diet which causes which. And the same happens with the Salts in my Body when I eat things, some produce more of some types of  salts than others and cause me to get too far off balance, so I need Salt and Acid and Base Identification Test equipment, and Salt and Acid and Base separation and purification Equipment and Apparatus.

I need a better Bacterial and Blood Test Microscope and Slides and Dyes. And I need throat and Lung and Sinus Mucus Culture Test Apparatus, and Acid and Base and Salt Test Equipment for my Body and Garden, and Chemical Analysis Apparatus, and Salt and Alcohol Separation and Preparation Apparatus in order to stop the Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder, from harming me more and killing me.

Like Michael Jackson had, I have a Drug Induced Immune System Disorder, deliberately  caused by the Politicians and Media and the Drug and Food Manufacturers and the Medical Community and Medical Staff and Doctors, that keep deliberately listing my Drug Induced Immune Disorder that they deliberately caused, as a Bipolar Disorder, or some other Mental Disorder, instead of getting me and thousands of others that they deliberately caused to have this same type Drug
Induced Immune Disorder, Proper Medical Treatment, because it is the Inert Ingredients in all the Tab and Capsule forms of Medications that they deliberately use, to deliberately cause the Drug Induced Immune System Disorder, and they even invented the Swine Flu Epidemic and the AIDS and HIV Epidemic, to hide the truth, and say they we died of the Swine Flu or AIDS or HIV, because we had other Medical Conditions that caused our Death, when it is the Inert Ingredients in that Medications that they are giving us to deliberately cause our Deaths, just because they are Neo Nazis deliberately using the Judicial and Medical Community to keep track of and Murder us. What I have it a Drug- induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder caused by the Inert Ingredients in the Antibiotics and Psychotropic Drugs that the Doctors keep causing me harm with, because Dr Smith of the Kansas City VA deliberately misdiagnosed me to get me murdered by the Medical Community like they did to Michal Jackson. I am getting no help or treatment for the Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder caused by Processed Cornstarch in Medications and my Foods reacting with other ingredients to cause my System to produce a supper Sugar and Alcohol that makes it so I cannot sleep or function right, and because I asked the VA for Help, they had Dr Smith take over my Medical treatment and had him nearly kill me with force treatment that caused acute episodes of the Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder, and he had CNN and New York State force treat me at Two Hospital that caused acute episodes of the Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder, and their Doctors had me escorted here where the Doctors also caused acute episodes of the Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder, and refuse to help me deal with it, and refuse to straighten my Medical Records out, because they want to murder me like the Medical Community who deliberately caused this same type Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Immune System Disorder that Michael Jackson had, and murdered Michael Jackson.

When Iron Hydroxide is in my Water it can turn Greenish to brown depending on how much Oxygen it with the Iron, my Beats form a Green on the Leaves when the Well Water id Aerated, but  the Green comes from Copper, and Chlorine reacts with Copper and Copper Compounds first, some of the other Metal Minerals second, and Iron Last. The second layer it first White then to Yellowish Green, this is where the Iron Hydroxide has Oxygen with it, in the Yellow Greenish part before the Reaction with the Iron Hydroxide that is dark rust brown, the White to Yellow Part is Manganese and some aluminum.. This is good for my Garden because it reacts with different Compounds in my Garden to form different Iron Minerals, and and different Manganese Minerals. Some of the Reactions in Aeration are exothermic and some are endothermic, meaning some reactions need a Heat Source to occur and some give off heat when they occur, and some of these reactions release Ammonia from the manure in my Garden so it can be used by Chlorine Compounds. Sunlight and Hot air  is normally the Heat Source that causes the Chlorine and Oxygen Reactions to form Hypoclorou Acid, and then to Form Inorganic Chloramines which Combines with the Ammonia released by other Reactions,  but this year was cooler than normal so Orono Lake did not get as much Fecal Chloroform as Normal, because there was not enough Chloramines to feed them My Garden only gets Sunlight about four to six hours, so the Chloramines are only formed during those hours, as I break the Rules of Watering the Garden in the Day, and at night, because at Night the Water forms different Compounds that fertilize the soil, and it leaves the Garden like the Lake Water, where the Organic Chloramines and the Fecal Chloroform are on the top part of the water, on top of the Mulch in the Garden, in a Greater abundance than in the Lake, because my Garden has more Organic Matter for Inorganic Chloramines to react with to form Organic Chloramines to feed the Fecal Chloroforms. In my Process to form salts from the well water, doing it two different ways will have the same effect as Day Aeration and night Aeration of the Well Water. And I will be able to get Two Different Groups of Salts out of the same Well Water that are both Good for me and the Fecal Chloroforms, but I also just flooded my Garden at time without aerating it and got a third type of reactions producing another set of slats good for me. That is the set of salts I am starting with, when these combine with the other two groups, it is a Healthy mix. I poured 5 Gal Buckets of Lake Water on it, from the fish I caught for fertilizer too, this colonized it with Fecal Chloroform with plenty of food to grow a 1000 times more abundant than the Lake, as the salts produced by the fertilizer and watering killed off the Bad Fungus. The Light and Weather conditions were constantly reaching the point where Trench foot Fungus forms as well as bacteria that causes some forms of Athletes foot. I walked barefoot in it most days, and it healed my feet as it killed off bad Fungus and Bacteria. The mulch layer are first, about two inches of Pin Needles and straw to kill the weeds, and then two to six inches of Cows Manure between each row, heaped six inches high in the middle so the water runs off it into the base of the plants, and then five to eight Inches of Grass trimmings mixed with ground tree branches and tree leaves from Maple Trees and Walnut Trees and Oak Trees. This supplies plenty of Organic Matter for the Aerated Water to react with, and for the flood Waters. I also Put Top Soil in five gallon Buckets and washed out all the dark soil and poured it on the Garden leaving the washed sand at the bottom of the bucket. I only used Bullhead and Raccoons to fertilize the Tomatoes and Pepper Plants at their bases and just a few other type plants. I have very few weeds to pull, and used no insecticides, I set up gallon Milk jugs as a fence and threw toads in the garden to eat bugs, and used Garlic against Potato Bugs and the mulch gets rid of most other bugs like Tomato Worms, but a few green caterpillars that mostly just chew some holes in Radish Leaves and Cabbage Leaves and Lettuce Leaves, but there were not enough of them to worry about any real damage, the toads eat them too.. The night Crawler in the Soil eat the same things as the Fecal Chloroform, so they grew big and in large numbers also. I cut my Finger and did not have water proof bandages for working in the garden, so I left it open to everything there daily, and it never festered up, but hurt for awhile. The bacteria from my wounds and Hepatitis  C are all over the Garden, and well as my Flu or Cold Virus, they die there, and it helps make the Plants Fungal and Bacterial and Viral resistant, and that is why I dup rotting Food Garbage there too, the Good Fungus and Good Bacteria and Good Virus all have self defense Systems that work like they do when working in harmony with my Body, they work in harmony with my Plants making them stronger, and making the Vegetables  so that they will build up my Body at record breaking speeds, I have a damaged portion of the right lobe of my Brain that causes two different types of pains in my left arm bicep, it hurts one way and I know my Body Parts supplying that portion of my Brain is healing, and it hurts another way I know I went the wrong way with my diet, things the effect the Oxygen Level to that portion of my Brain are easy for me to figure out now and adjust by my diet. The same as I can tell the difference in healing pains in that portion of my Brain, and harmful pains there. When prepared right. People who see my Garden can hardly believe how big the vines and stems and leaves are, they cannot understand how they grow better than theirs with very little Sunlight, they call my Hubbard Squash, Watermelons. I don't remember what the technical name is, but there are groups of People who eat Soil in the areas where they grow up, and eat night crawlers, and if they move somewhere else where the Soil is different, they get a Headache form eating it. Many of them send back to where they were raised to get soil from there to eat. This is part of the Principle I am working off, getting all the ingredients that made up my Family's diet, and my Personal diet since I traveled a lot, and moving more towards a healthier diet designed for me, I got the principle from the Scriptures, but was taught that about the Soil eaters from a Bible
Teacher. No matter where I go, I can find a Mineral Well and Food there that I can get what I need to be Healthy. Most of my Life I drank from artesian wells with not filters, or mineral wells, or streams, but places like Germany I got dysentery off the natural waters there, and every City Water I drink, ends up causing me problems., my Immune System acts like most City Water is an Infection, and attacks it so much in my System, then shuts down, and then I actually get infected, my Immune System often runs backwards from the Water being different, and it is part of why some medications and Water make me Dyslexic, but truly, they have adverse effects on everyone, because if they move, or the City either changes the way that they treat the Water, or runs out of that Water, then you are going to run into problems with other Waters and Foods like I do. The Immune System of most People raised on City Water and Food Cooked in City Water are so weak, that if a Natural Disaster happens, they would get sick eating and drinking elsewhere, like I get from drinking City Waters. Now that I know what I know, I can figure out how to change any water to have exactly what I need. Getting all the Diverse Salts Isolated out of this Water and Soil, if fun for me to do, the Good Bacteria and Fungus I can figure out what they need to eat and thrive there too. It has always been Government and Medical Staff and Doctors getting in my way of getting what I need, like the Salts the Pharmacist said I had to have a Prescription for, why do I need a Prescription for what is found in Natural Foods and Soil and Water that I need to maintain my health and get well?  I will work out this month how to extract and purify each one for myself, all I need is a scale and a few Glassware apparatus, because these Doctors will want to give me Inert Ingredients with them to cause me harm. What is interesting, to get well I need fermented Alcohol at times, but grain and most vegetables fermenting processes will make me sick from the Fungus and leavening ingredients that they use, but Fruit grown on a Vine can use a different type Fungus to ferment than those,  it is a Biblically recorded truth, the bad fungus cannot survive certain Types of Brine Salts used to Tan Sheep and Goat Animal Skins with, the Good Fungus thrives there when in contact with Grape Juices. They are called Good Bottles and Old Bottles in English Bibles, but it is Quality Skins, and Old or Bad Skins that cannot stretch enough for the fermenting process so that they bust. It actually causes both the Wine and the Skins to preserve one another when the Fungus that grows Naturally on the skins are there. You can use any Fungus in this closed Container because when it runs out of Food it will die, and or when it runs out of space for its waste it will die, but  each different Fungus uses different things from the Fruit for it food, and its  waste is Alcohol, but each Fungus forms a little different Type Alcohol, and a different Taste to the Portions of the fruit not used, and what the Good Fungus Leave is Good for you., but if the Fungus does its fermentation process inside your System, every time you eat it has more food, and every time you relieve yourself after your liver processes the alcohol, it has more space for waste. Whine Barrels enclosed will have the same effect,. Some Foods Cooked in City Waters are Eatable, and or  some brews prepared in City Water, are Good to eat and drink, because of the way it is Cooked or Fermented to Produce different Salts and or Alcohols that will react the right way with mine to give me what I need, our bodies are mostly different Salts produced by differences in Acidity of two different Foods, and Alcohol is a part of it. Yet I have to stay away from a lot of Foods or Drinks processed a different way than I prepare it, to get well. Right now City Waters would just make me sick again, and many of the Foods and Drinks would just make me sick again because they are not prepared the right way, and would conflict with my Diet.

Roasted Coffee replaced Vanillin which is one of the things that I use to breath in 14 hours a day during fall and winter month found in Corn Smut Fungus. The Ingredients of Corn Smut became a part of my makeup, Harvesting Corn, and my Body constantly tried to kill the Fungus by dumping my Body Salt into my Digestive System, so I had to eat a lot of Salts, but the minerals from the Corn Smut became a part of me. My body naturally hurts if I don't have my daily diet of those ingredients, and I actually smell what and taste what foods it is in, like my Beat Roots grew in a good fungus form that is eatable, I cook it with my Beats, but it dies in Butter, so it is just like the Corn Smut, and without even realizing it I just find and eat all the ingredients that I had when I was a child. The same happens with Fungus Ingredients from Timothy, Brome, and other Hay that I got up before daylight and fed horses, and cut hay till noon, then raked what I cut three days before, and then bailed it in the later afternoon. If I started picking Corn again and eating rock salts, I would not drink Coffee, I drank Coffee during Hay season in the summer, and did not drink much at all when harvesting corn. Processed Cornstarch was an addiction like that, it replaced Corn, anything it was in, I ate it when not harvesting corn, where I often ate the field corn to keep my mouth wet while working, and I did the same with Timothy and Brome Hay. I actually would chew the Grass stems just to get the juice, and sometimes even ate the stems. The same with some Spruce and Pine Trees, I could not resist the taste. I was an exact opposite to most other plants because I used a lot of Ammonia Nitrates, both Gas and Solid Forms, and I would use grains of the Solid forms to keep my Mouth Wet while planting Corn. Here in Minnesota,  my Salt Imbalance between Chlorine Salts and Ammonia Nitrate Salts is the same as the Soil that cause stunted Pine Trees, and my Family are all shot too, because we came from the dust in this Soil and in this Water, I was born not far from here in North Dakota, .and grew up crawling on the Cow Barn Floor, till we moved to Michigan, but came back here thirty days every year.  I do not have adverse reactions to Chlorine, I have adverse reactions to Water that Chlorine will not react with because it already has Chlorine in it, because all the Water I am made of, will react with Chlorine the wrong way if you take the Minerals out of the Water that come from the Soil here. If I were to take City Water
and filter it through 14 feet of this top Soil, it would contain what I need to make the right salts with Chlorine Compounds and Ammonia Compounds in my System, I have more Nitrates than Chlorine Salts, and when they give me a medication that reacts with what little Chlorine Compounds I have, I become more out of balance, and Chlorine starts attacking my through my skin. All I need to do to get well by getting the right Salt Balance between Chlorine Salts and Nitrate Salts, it to not allow this Well Water to be Aerated, and filter out all the Minerals in their Natural Forms, and add Chlorine to them, and eat the Chlorine Salts in that form, and added to Nitrate Compounds. Whatever is good for the soil here to make plants grow well and live long, will do the same for me. So I need to add those Chlorine Salts to Ammonia compounds, before eating them. Aerating this Well Water causes Chlorine to Combine with Minerals in it, and that combines with the Grass Mulch and Manure and Pine Needles in my Garden to form mostly different types of Organic Chloramines, this is what Fecal Chloroform lives off, to produce Chlorine Salts that kill Bad Fungus, so there are no bad fungus left in my Garden that would hurt me. There is a Grey Tomato Plant Fungus that forms towards Maturity of the Tomato Plants to kill off the Leaves to allow the Sunlight to ripen the Tomatoes. The same is true with the Grey Squash Plant Fungus, it allows the Squash to get enough Sunlight to ripen.. It will make my Immune System able ti kill Fungus, Bacteria and Virus. So this month I am collecting Materials, and building the Filtration apparatus, and salt forming apparatus. I have already produced less than 1 Mg of the Salts from the Water, and without combining it with Nitrates and Ammonia compounds, I already feel better. My Neighbors Garden Produces food that is bad for me, because Chlorine has nothing to react with in it, except the Plants. Both City and Rain Water pick up Chlorine from the Air where Sunlight breaks Cl2 and O2 into 2ClO, and Sunlight causes this to combine with H2O storing the Sun's Energy in the acid called Hypoclous Acid., which causes me Harm if it form inside me, or I am oppositely Chemically Charged at the Time I come in contact with it. But this Acid combines with Ammonia and Ammonia Compounds to form different Types of Inorganic Chloramines, and Organic Compounds which then combine with decaying Plants and Manure and Minerals in the Soil in my Garden to feed and fertilize both my Plants and my Fecal Chloroforms, and me, my Neighbors Garden does not have these things, so most of the Chlorine Compounds are released back into the Air causing the Pine Trees and me Harm. I get sick standing in their Garden five minutes, because the Gasses it forms hurts me and the Native Pine Trees to the area. The Sun causes the Hypoclorus Acid to form Organic Chloramines from the Plants Cells and my Skin, instead of forming Inorganic Chloramines and Organic Chloramines from dead Plants and Manures and Minerals,  causing them to age and die faster. COPEGASYS dissolved in this Mineral Water does not react with Chlorine, because it is designed to react with Ammonia Compounds, so it does not exhaust my Limited Supply of Chlorine Compounds. But Amoxicillin dissolved in the Water Reacts with both Chlorine and the Minerals in the Water, and forms the wrong Salts for me, and uses up my Limited Supply of Chlorine Compounds that are in my Skin Layers in enough abundance, I can normally wash my Hands in Bleach with no reaction to it, but after taking a Medication that reacts with Chlorine and My Water like that, my Body throws everything I have in reserve to try to get rid of it, being Salts to try to kill a Fungus, and Antibodies, and tries to make more Chlorine Salts getting Chlorine through my Skin and Lungs and Sinus  Systems, to try to get rid of the Amoxicillin. It does not do that when it is in a Saline Solution that it does not react with like it does with the Minerals in my Water, and is given to me by IV, because it is neutralized in my Bloodstream before it get to my Lungs and Sinus and Digestive track.

I forgot to tell you an important part of this diet for killing bad Fungus, starting your immune system and keeping it going, I drink tree to eight cups of Flodgers Pure Roast Coffee, boiling the Mineral Water 2 minutes in the Microwave, adding a table spoon of Coffee Crystals, and one to two Tablespoons of Cain Sugar, and a little Whole Milk, The Fecal Chloroform likes this stuff, but it also helps poison the Cain Sugar that the Bad Fungus feed on. For the Beats and Pinto Beans, Cook the Beans with about a Teaspoon of Real Butter to kill any Fungus in it, don't use Margarine, I use Margarine at room Temperature for growing Bad Fungus Cultures, but real Butter kills them. For your beats, use the Beat and the Stems and Leaves cut about an eighth of an inch thick on the Beats and diced that small, and cut the leaves and stems in about one quarter to one half inch, and Boil that is Minerqal Water 8 Minutes in the Microwave, pull it out and while it is hot add about a teaspoon of Real Butter, then Seven Tablespoons of Cain Sugar while it is still hot enough to melt the Butter, and let it cool down to about 100 to 105 Degrees which is the Ideal Temperature at which to start a Fecal Chloroform Culture from two Tablespoons of Cottage Cheese.  All your Grains don't use any type Yeast with them, and make unleavened Breads and Macaroni out of them, cook them in  Mineral Water with Real Butter and add a little Sodium Chloride to kill any Grain Fungus. Your Vegetable and Fruit Skins should all be washed in Sodium Salt Mineral Water ti kill any Fungus, before cutting them up for you food. Your Clothes should not be washed with ant Chlorine Bleach Product, but use

How to make Cain Sugar Poison for Bad Fungus

The Good Fecal Chloroform Bacteria that produces Blood Sugar from
Lactose cannot all be killed off by Bacterial Antibodies, because your immune System will shut down to protect it, but most is killed off by Alcohol produce by Bad Fungus.  To stop the destruction of Good Fecal Chloroform Bacteria, take some dry Pinto Beans and boil them in Mineral Water until soft in a Stainless Steal Pan with a cover, and slowly boil away the Water, and let Beans burn Charcoal Black, and eat a Couple of Grams of the Charcoal Black Beans, it will drink up the Alcohol Killing off the Good Fecal Chloroform Bacteria! The Good Chloroform Bacteria breaks down Chlorine Salts and uses it for Food, and gives off Chlorine Salts that are Poisonous to the Bad Fungal Bacteria attacking it, and cause you to have  to excrete the Salts and the Bad Fungus,  so drink a 16 oz Glass with a Tablespoon of Sodium Chloride Salt dissolved in it, until you had about 40 Ounces over twenty four Hours, to help your body kill off  the Bad Fungus which causes the Stupor in Alcoholics, if you do not, your Body will begin to absorb Chlorine Compounds through the Skin and Repertory System, and make your Body start producing Ammonia Salts to combine with the Chlorine your Body intakes, trying to make enough Chlorine Salts to kill off the Bad Fungus, which damages your Kidneys and Bone Joints and Hemoglobin and your Body will cut back on White Blood Cell output, to try to keep from killing off any of the Good Chloroform as your Blood Sugar starts to fluctuate. I could not get a Water Blister or puss from a Burn or a Cut for almost two Months because my Body cut back on White Blood Cell Production, the swelling I had in my Sides and Belly and Ear was from an Increase in White Blood Cell Production, as my Body attacked the Inert Ingredients in the Amoxicillin from Westwar as if it were a Bacterial Infection, as several Water Blisters from Burns a few days ago, formed and filled with White Blood Cells. The other day it was as low as 3.5 but because  at the same time of the Charcoal Beans and Salt Water, I had increased the amount of Fecal Chloroform intake for two days, Putting Cottage Cheese in my Beats that were  cooked in Mineral Water that the  Fecal Chloroform thrives in, and the Beats were Grown in a Fecal Chloroform Colony in my Garden, and I added seven Table Spoons of Cain Sugar that the Bad Fungus feeds on, and let it grow a Fecal Chloroform  Colony in the Sugar at Room Temperature, it made the Sugar Poison to the Bad Fungus that feeds on it,  and as I just took a couple tablespoon sips of the Beat Juice and Beats at a time spread over the day for two days, about 600 Grams of Cooked Beats a day, with seven tablespoons of Cain Sugar and two Tablespoons of Cottage Cheese, while drinking about 40 Ounces of Heavily Salted Mineral Water, six Tablespoons of Sodium Salt, over twenty four hours, using Sodium Chloride without Iodine, my Body no longer felt the Fecal Chloroform was in danger, and started my Immune System working again. And now I have no Pains or swelling anywhere, after getting rid of the last Chlorine source in the building, and continuing to eat my Beats and Corn and Fruit and Pinto Beans with a Lettuce Salad here and there, all through the night and today, and though I could not drink a lot of Well without Bloating up before, now I can drink all the Mineral Water I want with no swelling anywhere, it is what helps my Body produce White Blood Cells along with the Folic Acid in my Foods, and now my Hemoglobin will go higher as well, as my Platelets do to, as I feel the lager New Cells being pushed through the damaged portion of my Brain, making the constricted damaged Vessels larger, so that I will have less headaches. Well, I have to go and Cook some more Beats, to grow an eatable Fecal Chloroform Colony from my Kemps Small Curd Cottage Cheese and my Beats, for the rest of today and tomorrow too.

The Red Rash on my face on Sept 16th, which I got several times before after taking Antibiotics Tabs and Capsules that had Processed Cornstarch in the Inert Ingredients,  that showed up again in my Fourth Week of Treatment with PEGASYS and COPEGASYS, was from Drug- induced lupus erythematosus like what Michael Jackson had. Mine was just induced by a combination of an IM Bicillin Shot and a Generic Augmentin From LEK which I only took four Tabs because it caused a severe headache and severe lung and sinus burn, and a red rash on my face, and a then Day course of Erythromycin while getting a second IM Bicillin Shot. The Doctor who wrote the Diagnosis of the Rash is an Orthopedics Doctor at the University of Minnesota, and when he saw the Rash, I told him it was a normal Red Rash that I get from Processed Cornstarch, and I asked if they had a Test for Lupus Disease.   But now this guy took the Same Test as two previous Doctors, and has a Third opinion,  different than the first two as to what the cause of my Joint Pain Problem is, totally ignoring Previous Medical Conditions he blames a Medication that has the know side effect of taking someone's Immune System out, as the cause of an overactive Immune System producing antibodies that are attacking my Joints. The Immune System Disorder that causes Lupus Disease and my Salt Deficiencies, it that the Body cannot kill a Fungus with Antibodies,  and when my Body detects a Fungus in my Digestive Track that is producing a Super Sugar and Alcohol killing off the Fecal Chloroform Bacteria needed for Processing Blood Sugar from Milk and Milk Products, my Body takes all the Salt it can, and dumps it into my Digestive Track to kill the Fungus that is killing the Good Chloroform Bacteria, and then to protect what little Chloroform Bacteria I have left because having so little left it is causing me to have Low Blood Sugar, my Body shuts down the Production of Antibacterial Antibodies, and leaves my Body totally Vulnerable to Bad Bacteria Infections, and I get infected right away and need antibiotics, which the antibiotics that have inert Ingredients that burn my Lungs and Sinus, opens them up while my Immune System is shut down to protect the Good Chloral form Bacteria left, but they always give me one that causes rash burns in my Lungs and Sinus, opening them for repeated Infections, and this disease effects my Kidneys and my Bone Joints, not my Liver. The Drug-induced lupus erythematosus that I have is induced by the Drug, Processed Cornstarch in the Inert Ingredients of the Medications when the Level of Processed Cornstarch get high enough in my System to use a Fungus and produce enough Alcohol to kill the Fecal Chloroform, I can get away with a small level of Processed Cornstarch like is in My COPEGASYS Medication, and maybe one more Cornstarch Based Medication for a short time,  by adjusting my Diet, and killing off the Fungus in My Stomach by taking lots of different Salts that kill the Body uses to kill Fungus, but when the Doctors Increase the Level of Processed Cornstarch and I get a little Chlorinated Water in me when all the Ingredients are there for my  Body to begin producing Alcohol, it the Chlorine that triggers it, which was the day I drank from the Neighbor's Water Hose not realizing it was City Water, and not realizing the Doctors were giving me Processed Cornstarch in my Medications that increased my Processed Cornstarch Level too High. Whole or Cut Corn does not cause this reaction in me, it is only Processed Cornstarch in Foods and or in the Inert Ingredients of Medications that cause it in the presence of different Type Fungus like the Rye Fungus that produces LSD, and the drug in my System that each different Fungus produces from Processed Cornstarch and the Sugar in my Body, has slightly different adverse effects, some types of Fungus produce a Drug in my System that is like taking a Big Hit of LSD, and it is these Drugs it produces that causes Drug-induced lupus erythematosus, and getting a different type Fungus can Produce a different Drug that could adversely react with the Medications I am taking, and kill me at any time, like it did Michael Jackson, Michael was right, it is caused by the Doctors, but he just did not realize it is not the Medications causing it, it is the Inert Ingredients in the Medications, and some of them like V Potassium even carry the Fungus that causes the Reaction while Just taking one Medication, like when I was on City Water in Blaine, and could not understand why just one Antibiotic at a time, caused me so much pain and such a big headache and made me totally Dyslexic. If you have any Type Fungal Infection in your Flesh or Stomach or elsewhere, like women get Yeast Infections, it is because of a Salt Deficiency in your Diet, increase your Salt Intake of Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride and Brine Sea Salts, these kill most bad Fungus, and this is why it preserves Foods and Leather after soaked in Brine Salts.

I just went and did a load of Laundry and my Apartment filled up with Chlorine Gas again making me sicker, even though I repeatedly asked my Sister and the Guys upstairs, and the Police  to help me find where all the Chlorine was coming through my Kitchen, they just got mad and would not help find where the Chlorine was coming from and making me sicker, ever since I drank from the Neighbors hose that had City Water with Chlorine in it, that triggered the reactions to start inside of me, and here the former tenants left a swimming Pool Chlorination Tab in the Laundry Room next to the drywall behind my Stove, and the drain from the washer has been leaking on the drywall a long time, and dissolved the drywall and the Chlorine swimming Pool Tab about the size of a Doorknob, and it put two big wholes behind my Stove, with Chlorine soaked crumbling drywall, and with all the others sources of Chlorine that I had already got rid of, that is what has been dropping my Hemoglobin as it formed Hypocloric Acid and filled the air in my Apartment with it, so that it attached to my Hemoglobin and has been forming Inorganic and Organic Chloramines out of my Kidneys, so now how do I get all the Medical Misdiagnosis out of my Medical Records that these Incompetent Medical Staff and Doctors placed there because their tests are not designed to find our where the Inorganic and Organic Chloramines in my System formed, and why they formed out of parts of my Kidneys, and destroying my Lungs and Sinus so that they repeatedly get Bacterial Infections that caused Flu like symptoms and more severe cramps and more severe headaches, and more severe adverse reactions to Inert Ingredients in the Medications that they gave me, ever since August 8th? Oh, I still have a Water Soaked Drywall full of Chlorine behind my Stove with several big holes in it, that you not only can just look through from the Laundry room into my Apartment, that Drywall is still putting Chlorine in my Apartment even though I carried the Swimming Pool Tab outside, where I thought at first it was coming though my open window, but it got stronger this time when I closed it, and found it behind the Stove in the Laundry Room. But now with that dissolving Swimming Pool Tab sitting outside filling the entire neighborhood with the smell of Chlorine, it just blows back in if I open the window or open the porch Door, and by the Way, the YMCA Chlorinated Swimming Pool is just west of Here from where the wind blows into my Apartment Window, so People don't notice the smell of Chlorine in the air because they are use to it, and everyone wonders why the Sprinklers in the Neighbors Garden and in my Garden would gather so much Chlorine out of the Air to blow into my Apartment Windows, besides the other Chlorinated Swimming Pools in the Neighborhood just to the West of here.

Every six to eight months, I have been repeatedly getting these back to back infections since 1982. The efficacy of Erythromycin and its Derivatives, and Amoxicillin and Augmentin, and Ampicillin, against the Strep Bacteria Strains that cause my Immune System to attack itself is, they do not work. The efficacy of Bicillin against the Strep Bacteria Strains that cause my Immune System to attack itself is, it  works. The efficacy of Bicillin against the None Strep Bacteria Strains that infect the flesh around my Right Ear Canal, and causes swelling that causes an earache is, it  does not work. The efficacy of Amoxicillin and Augmentin against the None Strep Bacteria Strains that infect the flesh around my Right Ear Canal, and causes swelling that causes an earache is, it  works, if I can get one that does not have Inert Ingredients in it that nearly kill me every time they give them to me. No Bacteria that causes Bad Breath shows up on an X-ray or CAT Scan or in Blood Cultures or in Urine Cultures, and neither does the one that causes my ear to swell and ache, which could be at times an over active immune system attacking the small graduals of rock imbedded in the flesh around my Right Ear Canal, and in my Right Eye, and in the Flesh of my Face around my Right Eye Socket that I got when hit with a Rock in the US Army. Without a Culture of either the Strep Strains that cause my Immune System to attack itself, or a Culture of the Bacteria or Fungus that causes my Ear to swell and ache, it is impossible to Compare and Identify against the classes of Bacteria and or Fungus named by the Department of Health, but here is a Clue, the Strep Strains that cause my Immune System to attack itself always show up on X-rays in my Right Sinus Cavity first, and as White Puss Pockets in my Tonsils, and if left to grow, the groups of Bacterial Strains with it,  causes Pneumonia and Meningitis, and Erythromycin, and its Derivatives, and Amoxicillin and its Derivatives, and Ampicillin do not take it out, only Bicillin does, and Bicillin does not take out some of the other Types of Bacterial Strains unless Erythromycin is given with it, which leaves Bacterial Strains that only Amoxicillin or Augmentin takes out, and none of them take out the Bacteria that causes Bad Breath. Now what does the Health
Department classify this type of totally Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria that cause Bad Breath, as? What does the Health Department classify this type of Strep Bacterial Strains that only Bicillin takes out, as? What does the Health Department classify this type of Flesh Bacterial Strains that only Amoxicillin or Augmentin takes out,  as? Do you want a Culture of the Bacteria that only Bicillin Takes out? Do you want a Culture of the Bacteria that only Amoxicillin or Augmentin Takes out? You cannot get it from my Doctors, because the Doctors never take the right Culture Tests to identify what Type of Bacteria is Present, they either just hand you what the Health Department falsely claims that works against each different Strain of Bacteria I get, or they just run Tests that will never find the Bacteria causing the Pain, and they either call you crazy because it did not show up on the wrong tests that they ran, and or they cause me more serious pain and harm by either leaving me infected and as it spreads it causes more pain, or they give me the wrong Antibiotic that does not take out the Bacteria Present, so that it spreads and causes me more pain, and causes me more pain and harm, because of the Harmful Inert Ingredients in the Antibiotics that the Health Department falsely says are not Harmful. Dr Dexter this time said we will try Amoxicillin for the earache, because the Blood Tests do indicate an Infection, an upper repertory Infection, but is that what is causing my ear to swell and ache? Or is it my Immune System attacking the Rock Granules imbedded there? Without Cultures from Spewdom and Sinus Mucus, and from the Flesh around my Ear Canal, it is impossible to identify what Bacteria is Present, and if or not it is Bacteria causing my Ear to Swell this time or not. Only IV Amoxicillin has never caused me adverse reactions that cause me more Pain and more Medical Problems, all the Tab and Capsule forms of Amoxicillin have caused me adverse reactions that cause me more Pain and more Medical Problems because of the Harmful Inert Ingredients in them. Only IV and IM Penicillin or Bicillin has never caused me adverse reactions that cause me more Pain and more Medical Problems,  all the Tab and Capsule forms of Penicillin have caused me adverse reactions that cause me more Pain and more Medical Problems because of the Harmful Inert Ingredients in them. Only IV and IM Erythromycin  has never caused me adverse reactions that cause me more Pain and more Medical Problems, all the Tab and Capsule forms of Erythromycin and its derivatives have caused me adverse reactions that cause me more Pain and more Medical Problems because of the Harmful Inert Ingredients in them. Even without Antibiotics in my System, and even before I got Hepatitis C, Processed Cornstarch and Fungal Yeast causes my System to produce a super Sugar that makes it so I cannot sleep for days, and Alcohol that causes my Liver Functions to rise and lower depending on what I eat and drink with the Processed Cornstarch and Fungal Yeast present, and after a few weeks, it kills all the Fecal Chloroform in my Digestive Track, where my normal primary source of Blood Sugar is Milk and Milk Products, which gets  broken because I no longer have enough Fecal Chloroform to covert the Lactose to Blood Sugar, so I have a Blood Sugar Drop as Low as 20 MDL. At the same time, Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds from City Water and the Environment and my Living Quarters begin attacking my Body violently inside and out, destroying my Kidneys and my Hemoglobin and causing Red Rashes, as the Processed Cornstarch causes my Muscles to Cramp up so hard, that they have to operate to remove the Cysts and or Torn Cartilage that it causes at times, and all the Doctors want to do is to hand me more of the Ingredients that caused the Adverse Reactions, and disabling Medical Conditions, in City Water, and in Foods, and in the Inert Ingredients of the Medications that they hand me. One thing different with the earache this time, that did not start the earache, but makes the earache worse,  just behind my Right Ear, since yesterday after taking Amoxicillin from WESTWAR, this happens occasionally when I lean my head foreword, there is a Bump that grows up to a half inch high, and goes back down, and comes back up, like my sides and belly did becoming bloated with Water and suddenly going back down, and coming up again, all last night and this mourning and afternoon, like my Headache is doing now, but I cannot call a Doctor or a Pharmacist here on the Weekdays, let alone on the Weekend when all of their Offices are closed, to try to figure out what is causing this just while and after adverse reactions to Amoxicillin from WESTWAR, that caused the FAT in my Belly and Sides to Grow Painful Water filled lumps, about four Inches high and a foot long on both sides, as it made my Belly look bloated, like the sudden Painful Water Bloating that the  Antibiotics from the VA in Kansas City caused in 2003 and in 2004 and in 2005 while Dr Smith repeatedly refused to get me Medical Help and Treatment for my Kidneys and Urinary Track that was painfully swollen with no bacterial Infection. Health Department and Medical Community and Drug Manufactures, do you now understand why I am angry with you for repeatedly trying to kill me while falsely claiming that you are trying to help me? According to The Medical and Legal Community the damage and pain that they cause me is Legal, because the Heath Department declared the Items causing me pain and harm as safe, so they don't have to treat me for the Medical Harm it caused, because it is legal for them to violate a court order in Jackson Michigan and have a Psychiatrist treat me with the exact same ingredients that cause me pain and harm, the first thing she offered me is Abilify which caused my Blood sugar to drop as low as 20 MDL because of the Processed Cornstarch in it, and caused it to bounce back as high as 790 MDL, and this is not what they call Medical Treatment, they call it behavioral Control because I am mad at them for refusing to read and obey my Medical Records, that even specifically list Abilify as a Drug that caused me adverse reactions, right along with all the Drugs Psychiatrists give out, and they repeatedly say I did not have the same drug that they give me again and again so that each new Psychiatrist can see for themselves just how much pain and harm it causes me every time.

The Neo Nazi Political and Legal and Food and Water and Medical and the Media Communities, and even Religious Communities, are on the Hunt for anyone who God and or his Angels talk too, so that they can falsely accuse them of being  crazy for hearing voices, so that they can deliberately destroy them with Psychotropic Drugs with Inert Ingredients, that cause them permanent serious Medical Damage and serous Pains, that they deliberately ignore as if it were something Natural, so that it will kill you as soon as they can make it bad enough.

As child I had to carry a pocket full of halite Rock Salt, and or a pocket full of Water Softener Salt, and or a Pocket full of Aquarium Sea Salt, and or a Bottle of Athletic Salt Tablets, in order to keep Salt in my Sweat while working in the Hay and or Corn Fields, and or while competing in Track and or  Wrestling and or Football and or Weight Lifting. I use to like Bacon, because it tasted Salty, but it helps cause my system to make Salts that are not good for me, like the Salty Tasting Fats from some other animals like Cows do. Some Birds and Fish have a Salty Taste that helps my Body Produce the right Salts, like Turkey and and Ducks and Chicken and Tuna Fish and Sardines, and some Game animal like Buffalo and Deer and Elk taste Salty, and produce some Good Salts, but I don't think it is all Good Salts in all of them, I can tell from the taste. The Liver Meats from the Good tasting animals makes the best Salts for me right now. Duck Eggs produce more Salts than Chicken Eggs, you don't even have to Salt them to get the Salty Taste. Later after about 26 my Body just no longer produced Salty Sweat like it use to, even after taking lots of Salts. The only Salt that I can taste in the spewdom from my Lungs after I take it, and or in my Sweat, is Sodium Carbonate. If I take supplements of these simpler Lithium and Sodium and Potassium Carbonates, my body will heal itself with the right diet of Food Prepared in special ways to divide their Contents to react with other Foods, to produce the right Salts when Digested, the separating of Compounds in the Foods, does not happen with City or Filtered Water, it happens when Cooked a certain way in Mineral Water from this well. The Foods combine with the Minerals in this Water and make more and less Acid Foods, that produce the right Salts in my Digestive Track for my Body to use, but the Inert Ingredients in most Medications throw off the Salt Producing ability of my Digestive track, and PEGASYS and COPEGASYS are not the Problem if that is all I am taking, it is the Inert Ingredients in the Antibiotics that they give me every six to eight months when I get Bacterial Infections, and the Waters in some Canned Foods, and the way some Foods are Prepared, and City and Bottled Water, and certain Fungus that cause my System to begin producing the Wrong Sugars, and the wrong Salts, and begin producing Alcohol.

After taking the Amoxicillin from Westwar, and my belly and side fat became painfully bloated with Water, as I began losing my breath, a glass of Mineral Water with Sodium Salt that does not have Iodine, that woks as a Catalyst in some reactions,  allowed me to fall asleep as the Water decreased in my Fat and the pains subsided, but as soon as I began to eat it began to grow again, Red Beats Cooked in Mineral Water, with Cain Sugar added after Cooking, and two Table Spoons of Cottage Cheese, makes a soothing pain killer, but does not stop the Water Bloating. A Potato Cooked in the Microware, and cut open after Cooking and smothering in Half a Stick of Butter, and Salted heavily with Sodium Salt that does not have Iodine, brings a clearing in my Lungs making it easier to breath. Drinking Water makes me bloat up more, but when I tried to describe these things before to VA In Kansas City after taking Antibiotics from the VA, they just locked me up, and had me take Psychotropic Drugs that made it worse. I went to the VA to find our why I had sudden Sugar Drops from Processed Cornstarch like my Uncle Leonard who had to get a donated Kidney. At the time I had pains in my Kidneys, and it felt like I had a Bladder Infection, like it has done many times, but they just test for a Urinary Track Infection and because it is Negative, they just say your complaining about the pains is in your Head, and they make you take Psychotropic Drugs that make it worse. The Doctors and Medical Staff here are the same way, they just blame it on my Liver like the VA did, and call me insane, but I had this problem before I tested positive for Hepatitis C, why will no Medical Staff and Doctors listen and help me? I was not on PEGASYS and COPEGASYS when it happened before, so why do these Medical Staff and Doctors keep blaming it on the only Medication that is helping me, trying to take it away?

Potato Composition and Nutrients

Potatoes contain Orthophosphoric Acid which acts as a Buffering Agent to keep a certain required PH in your Stomach for Digestion as it absorbs Water in your System, and when I am Water Bloated it gives me Relief from that. Canned and Bagged Foods are often preserved with a Buffering Agent to prevent it from becoming too Acid or Base for the Container to hold. But depending on how they work, the Buffering Agents often alter how the Food will react in your Digestive Track, keeping it too Acidic, and or causing it to be too Basic to digest your Food Properly, and often causes indigestion and heart burn that needs to be treated with a Food of the opposite PH.

Written earlier.

Yesterday Dr Dexter in Blaine MN gave me a Prescription for a Ten Day Course of Amoxicillin that is Cornstarch Based, because I asked her for that when she saw my Tests and X-rays that show Bacterial Infection the Bicillin and Erythromycin did not take out, and I asked her for Cornstarch based Amoxicillin, since she could not give me an IV Amoxicillin that I would have no adverse reaction to it, and I have had Severe Adverse Reactions to all the Inert Ingredients in all the None Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin. The Fermentation to produce Clavulanc Acid, in V Potassium Tablets or Capsules leaves a Fungus in the Inert Ingredients of V Potassium, that does not die from Antibiotics, and that also if it is in my Diet as Bread or Brewers Yeast, it causes Processed Cornstarch to be used is my System for turning Sugars and Foods and some types of Muscle and Body Fat, into Alcohol in my Digestive track, raising and lowering my Liver Functions depending on what is available in my digestive track, which the Alcohol in my Digestive track as it is daily produced when eating, kills off the Fecal Chloroform till there is not enough left, and causes  sudden blood Sugar Drops as Low as 20 MDL, because I no longer have enough Fecal Chloroform Bacteria, to produce Blood Sugar from Lactose found in Milk and Milk Products. And this leaves me high in Potassium Salts at times, like most People with Kidney Damage from Chlorine Compounds in drinking Water and their Environment. This fermentation Process in my System from a Fungus in V Potassium, or in my Diet, is similar to making LSD from Grain Fungus, and causes me severe Headaches and Hallucinations like taking a Big Hit of LSD. I take lots of Butter and Sodium Salts to stunt or kill the Fungus in my System to stop the fermentation process in my Digestive track. I repeatedly asked for a Prescription to the Preparation for GI Procedures when needed, because it cleans out the entire Digestive track getting rid of the Fungus that causes the fermentation in my stomach. I use high concentration of Sodium Chloride Salt Water, which also does a similar cleansing, but not as well.

This is what the None Cornstarch Generic Amoxicillin from LEK Contains in the Inert Ingredients that I had severe adverse reactions to, and what the Falsely So Called Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from WESTWAR Contains in the Inert Ingredients.

WESTWAR AMOXICILLIN Each film coated tablet contains 875 Mg of Amoxicillin as the Trihydrate. Each Film Coated. capsule shaped. pink tablet is scored on one side, and imprinted WW951, on the other side. Inactive Ingredients, carmine, colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, FD & C Red #40 Lake, Magnesium Stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol partly hydrolyzed, polyethylene glycol, sodium starch glycolate, talc, and titanium dioxide.

LEK AMOXICILLIN  Inactive Ingredients; Colloidal silicon dioxide, Croscarmellose sodium dried,  a synthetic crospovidone dried, (which is PVP )  ethlcellulose,  hydroxypropyl cellulose,  magnesium Stearate, microcrystalline cellulose dried, polysorbate 80, talc, titanium dioxide, triethyl citrate,

What may also help me and other handle the energy surges and the withdrawals from Processed Cornstarch in COEPEGASYS, at 11 AM when I was taking the Erythromycin the day before, to replace the Processed Cornstarch intake from the Erythromycin, I took a 200 MG Capsule of COPEGASYS after I found how to relieve the Headache, and though I am still going through Processed Cornstarch withdrawals, I got rid of the advancing pain from the Headache, by eating a Can of Corn that contains no Processed Cornstarch, about 10 minutes after the first few bites, I could feel a shift in my bodies gears, as the warm itchy burning in the location of the advancing headache, begins to disappear.  The Can of Corn is, Value Choice, 435 Grams, Ingredients, Corn, Water, Sugar, and Salt, no High Fructose Cornstarch or Corn Syrup or Cornstarch. It might make it so that I can handle the withdrawals from the Processed Cornstarch in the Erythromycin that I stopped yesterday, without using any other Processed Cornstarch. But my Uncle Jerome has such adverse reactions to Corn, it leaves open sores where it touches his mouth and tongue. Up until the COPEGASYS Treatment I had cut out almost all Corn, and the three Types of Processed Cornstarch, and had no Headaches, Seizures and few Muscle Cramps, and no Hypoglycemic episodes until  about the second and a half week of treatment. PEGASYS and COPEGASYS were the only Medications I was on, until I developed signs of a Strep Infection attacking my Immune System, which was treated with Medications that all has Processed Cornstarch in them, making my energy surges go through the roof, and then was making the withdrawal side go through the floor. The big difference between before and during the PEGASYS and COPEGASYS Treatment, is that when I get active, instead of reaching a point where I am totally exhausted and am so wobbly that I had to sit down awhile, I reach a point where I am full of energy, but have to sit down anyways, because I am wobbly and feel sick to my Stomach. Which suggests to me, my Liver Functions must be beginning to work more normally, and allows me to have energy to burn.

It is the Synthetic Blood Plasma. PVP, in the LEK Inert ingredients that causes severe Headaches in the Damaged Portions of my Brain, and it is the colloidal silicon dioxide in the Inert Ingredients of Both, that cause my Immune System to attack the Rock graduals in my Body as the dissolved rock graduals conducts  Chlorine Compounds though my Blood destroying my Hemoglobin, carrying it to my Kidneys, to destroy my Kidneys further. And it is the colloidal silicon dioxide and the other common Inert Ingredients, that they both have, that cause me to itch, and damages my Lungs and Sinus Cavities, and opens them to more Bacterial Infections, but with PVP, that makes that worse in the LEK Inert Ingredients.

 But the Pharmacies cannot get a Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin, that does not have the same None Cornstarch Based Inert Ingredients, that causes my Kidneys to quit functioning, as it forms gases in my Stomach that causes an uncontrollable Laughing and Delusions, as it causes Skin and Lung and Sinus Irritation and Rashers to form though my Repertory system, and some of the Inert Ingredients cause a severe Headache because it changes the normal Blood Cell Size Production my Body Produces to prevent Headaches from an Organic Brain Injury, and or it causes Severe Cramps by changing the type Salts my Digestive System puts out. They will not give me IV Amoxicillin that I have no adverse reactions like this to, and they will not give me a powder form of Amoxicillin with no Inert Ingredients that I would have no Adverse Reactions too if I mix it with my own Foods, so the Pharmacy says that they will order a different Amoxicillin for me on Monday, and let me look at the inert Ingredients, but if it don‚€™t have the Inert Ingredients that causes me harm, I will have to Pay More for it. Why can I not get the Powder or IV Forms of Amoxicillin, without any Inert Ingredients that cause me pain and harm?

It is the Water that Food Manufactures boil the Canned Fruit and Vegetables in, and pack in the Cans, and the added preservatives, that make the Fruit and and Vegetables so that my Body cannot get enough of the right Natural Salts out of the Fruit and Vegetables, as the Waters that  they use destroys the the Natural Acidity of the Foods, and makes it difficult for me to Digest it, and produce the right Salts, so it causes a Salt and Protein Reserve Deficiency.  The Acuity change caused by the Water that they use, causes the destruction of the Fecal Chloroform Bacteria, and other Good Types of Bacteria in my Digestive System, and because the Fecal Chloroform Bacteria were doing their Job, and converting Lactose from Milk and Milk Products to Blood Sugars, as those products help my Stomach get Potassium Salts from the Milk Products, but when the City Water and Canned Water and Preservatives kills them off, it makes parts of my Milk and Milk Products indigestible, and gives me too much Potassium Salt, because I have to drink and eat more Milk and Milk Products, just to try to get what I need to make enough Blood Sugar, so that my Blood Sugar does not get too low. My dried Pinto Beans give me Folic Acid that I need, but if it is cooked in City Water, it does not give me enough Folic Acid, and it is Cooked in my Well Water with Sodium Chloride or Sodium Carbonate Salts, it does not give me enough Folic Acid and or other Salts and Proteins, that I need for rapid Red Blood Cell Production like I get out of Rhubarb Cooked Right with the right amount of Cain Sugar added after Cooking, eaten with canned Mexican Pinto Beans, and with sips of my Well Water hear and there,  to rapidly raise Platelet Production. The new Platelets are larger than the old ones, and cause me a headache in the damaged portion of my Brain, so I eat Red Rhubarb and Pinto Beans slow, and drink my Well Water slow with it, over the whole day, but like a weight lifter, I increase the amount and the pain a little each  time, till it stops again, and I just say, when there is no pain, there is no gain, because the pain is from the Blood Vessels being expanded in the Damaged Portion of my Brain, to be able to handle larger Blood Cells each time I take bigger spoonfuls of Rhubarb and Mexican Pinto Beans while drinking my Well Water, but then the Inert ingredients from Doctors Medications, cause a more serious pain in my Headaches, that causes me damage. But now that I am out of Red Rhubarb, I need Foods with Similar Chemicals to get well, I need Folic Acid type foods to get the right combination for raising both Platelets and Red Blood Cell Counts. While trying to stop the Treatment of my Liver that is working, the Doctors totally ignore what I need for my damaged Kidneys, and my Organic Brain Damage, and Bacterial and Viral Infections, because they do not understand that it is how they treat any one of these, that causes the damage to the others, like the Inert Ingredients from Antibiotics, why can they just not give me IV and IM Forms that I have no adverse reactions to that cause more damage to my Lungs and Sinus, and to my Organic Brain Damage? Or like taking Medication with Chlorine in City Water that damages my Kidneys, they just ignore all these things while causing me more pain. The way they put me on a fixed Diet, to try to cut Obesity in the Hospitals caused me more damage and pains because it robbed my body of what it needed ti heal, and when they made me totally dysfunctional, and I complained about the pain they just called me crazy and caused me more harm with their Drugs that their Psychiatrists know that are not for Medical Purposes, but are for totally incapacitating People, so that they can say, well, that pacified him, and they leave you in a totally dysfunctional state of my and body being repeatedly caused more harm and pains by their Behavioral Control Drugs and City Waters that caused you to become dysfunctional because of the adverse Medical Condition it causes.

My Kidneys were destroyed by City Waters destroying the Acidity of my Foods, making it so my Body has a limited supply of Salts and Proteins that I need to keep my Body in balance, I need to supplement my Food sources that supply these basic Salts, with the simplest forms of those Salts, to build my Body‚€™s reserve of these Salts, so that may function more normally longer, the Doctors like at the VA and Rockland and Minnesota Hospitals, just give me more of what is causing my Salt and Protein reserve Deficiencies, and then they call me crazy as their Medication Treatments and Foods and Waters, leaves me totally dysfunctional and in severe pain. My ways of growing and cooking my Foods with Well Water, gives me enough energy to function normally longer, but they just argue trying to prove me wrong, and deliberately block me from getting what I need to be healed, as they deliberately give me more things that cause me harm, just so they can point and say, ‚€œsee, he was wrong, and needs to be locked up so that we can make more money killing him, because he don‚€™t know what he is doing!‚€� It is simply the wrong acidity in their Waters and Foods, and their Medications were designed to work with their Foods and Waters, that I cannot digest properly, and it makes it worse when I mix their Foods and Waters, with my Foods and Well Water, the more of their Foods and Waters that I add to my diet, the sicker I get, and the more I get rid of their Foods and Waters, the healthier I get.

Why can I not get any of the Powder forms of Salts that I need because my Kidneys don‚€™t work right, and or my Liver simultaneously don't work right, Salts that are found naturally in Foods,  without a Doctors Prescription? Like Potassium Carbonate Salt, and other Potassium Salts, and Sodium Bicarbonate Salt, and other Sodium Salts, in pure Medical forms, that Weatherwax Drug Stores, use to sell over the
Counter, as  Stomach Sedatives without a Prescription from a Doctor? Why can I not get Lithium Carbonate Salts over the Counter in Powder form without a Doctors Prescription?

If I had the Salts that I need, so that I do not change the Natural Acidity of my Foods, making them Indigestible, or making them produce not enough of the Right Salts for me, I could add Sodium Salts to the Well Water I cook my Sodium Salt Foods in, like my Mediterranean Wheat Macaroni, to enrich it with Sodium Salts that I need, to give me a greater supply of the Right Sodium Salts that I need to function more normally, and I could add Lithium Salts to my Mineral Water that I use to boil my Lithium source of Eggs in, or my other Lithium sources in, to enrich them with Lithium Salts that I need to give me a greater supply of Lithium Slats that I need to function more normally, and I could add Potassium Salts to the Mineral Water that I cook my Potassium Food Sources in, to do the same too, if and when I need to. But the Salts I Need the most of right now, are produced in my Liver by Folic Acid, and the Salts it produces is what I need  produced by Folic Acid, in and processed by my Liver, and some of the Sodium Salts I need are produced and processed in and or my Kidneys, by Sodium Salt Producing Acids in my Diet, because, my Liver causes me to be deficient in reserve amounts of some Types of Salts, and my Kidneys cause me to be deficient in reserve amounts, of some other Type Salts, so that I can only function normally without pain for short periods of Time before having to eat and drink more things that will produce those Salts to stop the pains. And if I eat and drink things prepared the wrong way, or in the wrong acidity of water, or drink water with the wrong acidity, or take Medications with inert ingredients in them that change the acidity of my digestive system, it robs me of the Salts I need to function and stop the pains, and that I need to get well, and ingesting those things that rob me of the Salts I need, cause me more severe pains. Like this, the Cheaper Tuna, packed in Water, and not packed in Oil, causes me some pains because it Produces Salts that I don‚€™t need, while those packed in Oil, relieve some pains because they produce the Salts I need. Real Butter and Margarine do the same thing, Real Butter works for me, Margarine does not. Corn and Processed Cornstarch do the same thing, Corn cooked in my Well Water is better for me, than Corn Cooked in other Waters, because I digest more of the one than the other because of the different acidity of the Water it was Cooked in, and the one  cooked in Well Water produces more of the right Salts and Sugars for me, and Processed Cornstarch in any Food or Medications causes me pain because it produces the wrong Salts and the Wrong Sugars for me, and even causes my System to Produce Alcohol out of Sugar and Fungal Yeast and Fungal Yeast byproducts, that raises and lowers my Liver Functions depending on how much intake of Processed Cornstarch I increase or decrease. Alcohol produced outside my System does not Hurt me, but Alcohol produced inside my System Hurts me, just like Inorganic and Organic Chloramines formed outside my System does not Hurt me, but when formed inside my System it Hurts me, and the Blood and Urine Tests that the Doctors run, do not tell where the Byproducts of Alcohol, and or Inorganic or Organic Chloramines formed, the pain or absence of pain in my Body does.

My unfiltered Well Water stops these Medications from attacking my Body and making extreme pain, but they make my Homegrown Garden Foods indigestible, or make them produce the wrong Salts, and other Products that my Body cannot use or cannot use properly, when they mix in my Stomach. Because of the unnatural Acidity Conditions it causes in the Foods and Dinks, mixing of their Foods and Waters and Drinks with Foods and Waters and Drinks from and Cooked in Natural Well Waters, are the cause of most known adverse health conditions, and are deliberately misdiagnosed as what the Medical Staff and Doctors and Psychiatrists falsely say are not Medical Conditions, but falsely call them Mental Disorders, so that they can continue to cause you more Medical Harm, by the Foods and Waters and Medications that they give you that make you more Medically Dysfunctional. Because this Well Water has made me more Functional than I have been in Years, my new diet will contain no Canned Foods, and no Drinks and Foods and Medications produced with or in other Waters, or that are altered by any Chemical Cleaners, Insecticides, or Fertilizers, and  are not compatible with my Well Water, and or with my Diet, and or are not compatible with the Food I grow. I need the Chemical Powder forms of any Medication I get from now on, because their Inert Ingredients in their Tabs and Capsules, are not compatible with my Well Water, and or just are not compatible with my Body. It may be the Water that they make the Trihidrate Amoxicillin with, that is causing me the Problem with that Medication, besides having Inert Ingredients that cause me other Problems, if the Water in  the Trihydrate Amoxicillin was treated so that it reacts with Chlorine, so that it will not react with the Drug, my Well Water filtered with a Brita Water Filter, and or not Filtered,  also reacts with Chlorine and or its Compound Acids, and reacts with Alcohols, but has different Minerals than Amoxicillin, and produces the Salts my Body needs, and when I take Amoxicillin and my Well Water, they both react with the Minerals in my Water and with the Acids in my Diet and Body differently, than when drinking City Water that does not react with Chlorine or its Compound Acids, and even Contains some Chlorine that reacts with the Trihydrate Amoxicillin, and when I drink City Water it destroys my Kidneys. If they give me the Trihydrate Amoxicillin by IV, I have no adverse reactions to it, because it does not mix with my Food and Water in my Digestive Track, and that is the same thing that happens with other IM and IV Medications, versus the Tab and Capsule Forms. When I inject the Benzyl Alcohol in PEGASYS by a Syringe, it does not reach with my Water and Foods in my Digestive Track, so I have no adverse reactions to it. If I had the Powder form of Amoxicillin with no Inert Ingredients, I could make my own Injectable Saline Solutions of it, or I could just inject the IV Saline Forms of Amoxicillin with a Syringe, by hitting a Vein and Red Flagging it, by drawing back a little Blood to make sure it is in the Vein, before injecting it. It is the different Silicon Dioxides in Waters and Medications that cause my Immune System to conduct Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds that attack my Kidneys, when Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds are present, because it is the Kidney's Job to filter out the Silicon Dioxides, the Presence of new additions of different Silicon Dioxides from Waters and Foods and Medications, other than what is from my Water and Garden, or Brand Foods from the Store that I am use to, in my System, that also causes my Immune System to attack and to begin trying to dissolve the Graduals of Rocks Imbedded in the Flesh of my Right Eye and around the Right Eye Cavity and around the Right Ear Canal, and in my Jaw, and around my Knee Caps, and causes the smell of Silicon Compounds, to come from my Lungs ranging from the smell of Plastic, to Rubber, to Kerosene, depending on what Inert Ingredients are added with the Silicon Dioxides in the Inert Ingredients of the Medications. Right now I need more Cain Sugar than Milk or Milk Products, to keep my Blood Sugar from Dropping, because the Chemical Silicon and Acid imbalance, caused by other Foods and Waters, kills off the Fecal Chloroforms in my Digestive track, even without Antibiotics in my System, because often in the past, at the same Time of the Sugar Drops as Low as 20 MDL, I had a visible Strep Bacteria Throat Infection, so it is not my Immune System killing the Fecal Chloroforms, but is the Chemical Silicon and Acid imbalance and Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds, caused by other Foods and Waters. If I change the amount of Oxygen in the Room, my Body Changes the Pace of Blood Cell Production, to either speed up Production of Cells that carry Oxygen, or to Slow it down, so that my Organs get the same amount of Oxygen, no matter which Altitude I am at that causes the Available amount of Oxygen to Change, and Some Foods and Waters and Medications also change the Amount of Oxygen my System has available, and then my Body Changes Blood Cell Production so that my Organs get the same amount of Oxygen, causing a slight Headache to a severe Headache, and Slight Cramps to severe Cramps, no matter which Foods or Drinks and Medications I ingest, but if I mix Waters and Foods, my Blood Cell Production System begins to Misfire, and produces more or less of different Blood Cell Types, causing more severe Headaches and more severe Cramps. With Amoxicillin as the Trihydrate in my System, I have more severe adverse reactions to Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds in the Apartment and in the Air, and in City Waters, more so than Normal, as the Chlorine forms Hypocloric Acid combining with Water in the Air, and then Combines with my Hemoglobin, and then combines with Ammonia in my System, to form Inorganic Chloramines, which digests my Kidneys and Live Cells to form Organic Chloramines, which is detectible in my sweat and urine and is misdiagnosed as a Natural occurring Inorganic Chloramines and Organic Chloramines which causes me no Harm when Inorganic Chloramines and Organic Chloramines forms in the Environment about me, instead forming inside my Kidneys and Liver.

WESTWAR AMOXICILLIN Each film coated tablet contains 875 Mg of Amoxicillin as the Trihydrate.

Falsely so called Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin Inert Ingredients from WESTWAR, compared with the Inert Ingredients of Non Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from LEK. If your Medications have some or all these Inert Ingredients in them, you have been targeted to be driven insane so that they can kill you with more of the same Poison Ingredients that combine with your Food and Water to kill you with a Poison that breaks down to Natural Compounds as it destroys your Body and Blood and Organs!

This deliberate Poisoning of Human Beings being done by  many in the Political and Judicial and Medical and Media and Food Manufacturing and City Water and  Charity Food distributing Communities, does not show up after the Person goes to get a Blood Test or dies and has an Autopsy, because after Hypocloric Acid gets into your System, it quickly forms Inorganic Chloramines, and uses your Kidney and Liver Cells to form Organic Chloramines that does not hurt you, when you eat it on your Vegetables and Fruit, because it forms Naturally in your Lawns and Gardens and Lakes, but causes you harm when it forms in your Body because of what you were given to eat and drink with the Inert Ingredients in the Medications.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a Fungus responsible for altering Cornstarch and Grains and Sugar and Milk and Folic Acid in Leaved Breads and Brews, that build up byproducts in Your Body, that reconstruct the Organs and Blood Cells and Blood Plasma and the Brain, and cause them to eventually begin to misfire, and destroy the Fecal Chloroform in your Digestive track that are needed to convert Lactose in Milk and Milk Products to Blood Sugar, and they cause you Headaches and Cramps and Obesity after consuming them for awhile, when in your Stomach in the Presence of altered Processed Cornstarch and and altered Sugar and altered Gluten Grain Flour, and Chlorine, and Hypocloric Acid, and Inorganic Chloramines, which cause your Body to Lack different Types of Sodium Salts and Potassium Salts in your Sweat, causing a Buildup of Altered Sodium Salts and Altered Potassium Salts in your Body, and a buildup of Ammonia in your Kidneys and Liver, allowing Hypocloric Acid to replace Oxygen and Iron in your Hemoglobin, and unite with Ammonia in your Kidneys and Liver to Produce Inorganic Chloramines, which then produces different Types of Organic Chloramines from both your Kidney Cells and Liver Cells, and if you develop Liver Problems after first developing Kidney Problems, or vice versa, the Medical Community will misdiagnose the cause of your Problems, and blame it on either your  Liver or Kidneys deliberately ignoring the damage being done to the other organs, and they call you crazy, and give you more of the exact things that caused your Problems in the Inert Ingredients of the Medications that they give you, especially Antibiotic Tab and Capsule forms, and in the Ingredients of the Food that they give you, which Interact with the Chlorine Compounds in City Water, and the Chlorine Compounds in your House, and in the Chlorine Compounds caused by the Aeration of City Water by your Lawn and Garden Sprinklers, as it changes the Acidity of your Soil the Opposite Direction that Well or Lake Water or Natural Rain will take it, and do you and your Lawn and Gardens Good, these are the combination of Chemical Reactions that destroy your Kidneys and Liver and the Soil in your Lawn and Garden, and most of the Plant Native to your Soil, and to most of the Plants Native to your Area in the nearby Woods and Lakes and Rivers and Streams, and is also responsible for Winter Honey Bee Hive Kill offs, and Summer Wasp Nest Kill offs, as the Bees and Wasps Carry the Inert Ingredients from your Medications and the byproducts of Watering your Lawns and Gardens with Chlorinated City Water, back to their Nests, where it interacts with additional Chlorine and Chlorine Compounds that Naturally occur in the Rains, and burns the Mutating Wasp Larva in the Summer as they try to hatch, and burns the Mutating Honey Bees in the Winter as they go into Hibernation. They take out everything of the Water at the Water Plants that would allow it to interact with Chlorine in the Air Naturally and make the Chlorine Harmless to you in Sprinklers and Showers and Kitchen Sinks, and Laundry Machines, and it makes any Chlorine Compound near you to begin to react with your Body, and destroy your Blood an Organs.

To stop Saccharomyces cerevisiae from Staying and Growing in your Stomach, first take a Gallon of Well Water, and add Teaspoons of Sodium Chloride Salt slowly, making sure it all dissolves until you see the last spoonful not fully dissolve. Drink this over one to two hours of Time, and get ready to go to the Toilet, it will flush you out, and kill most of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Then add a little Real Butter, and Sodium Salt to your Food after Cooking it in Mineral Water, not City Water or Bottled Water, to stop Saccharomyces cerevisiae from Growing in it. And get rid of all Store Bought Food and Beverages that have any Processed Cornstarch in it, and get rid of all Leavened Food and Drink Products, and especially get rid of Foods and Drinks made from or in City Water, because these Chemicals when Combined in your Stomach, causes Vitamin B9, called Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9 or folacin) and folate (the naturally occurring form), as well as pteroyl-L-glutamic acid and pteroyl-L-glutamate, are forms of the water-soluble vitamin B9, to form the wrong Products for Cell Growth, and causes deformed Cells that misfire and do not do their normal Functions. Folic acid is itself not biologically active with its biological importance being due to tetrahydrofolate and other derivatives after its conversion to dihydrofolic acid in the liver. So especially if you are being treated with PEGASYS or COPEGASYS, getting rid of those things from your Diet is Important, because COPEGASYS contains small amounts of Processed Cornstarch, that cause Folic Acid to form the Wrong Products for you Body if those other Ingredients are Present in your Digestive track.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid and folate inclusive) is essential to numerous bodily functions ranging from nucleotide biosynthesis to the remethylation of homocysteine. It is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth.

I had my Diet adjusted so that I could knock out the adverse effects from the Processed Cornstarch in COPEGASYS, and adjusted it further to try to knock out most of the Adverse Reactions to the NONE Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from LEK, it did not work for all the adverse reactions, and I now know why now.

But this Cornstarch Containing Amoxicillin from Westwar is going to be easier, just because I have a lot of experience in finding how to combat adverse reactions to Processed Cornstarch that use to be in my Diet. But make no mistake, it is not pain from the Medication, it is pain from the Inert Ingredients in this Medication, and in this one from Westwar, I can tell you exactly which two Inert Ingredients are causing me harm, and are not causing a massive Headache, and a severe burning Red Rash that burnt my Lungs and Sinus Cavities, and caused my Bone Joints to swell and contract like having severe Flu like Joint Pains, like the Inert Ingredients from LEK caused, and I can now tell you exactly what Inert Ingredient in the LEK Medication, caused me a massive Headache and a severe burning Red Rash that burnt my Lungs and Sinus Cavities, and caused my Bone Joints to swell and contract like having severe Flu like Joint Pains that I only had while PVP was still in my System, and for a short time thereafter, and even caused any Chlorine in the Air to attack my Body while it was in my System, and for a while after taking it, and why. And I know why it is causing many other People Massive Headaches and severe burning Red Rashes that burn their Lungs and Sius Cavities, and causing Bone Joints to swell and contract like having severe Flu like Joint Pains, and causes any Chlorine in the Air to attack their Body more while it is in their System, and for a while after taking it.

PVP is a Synthetic Blood Plasma, and is the Worst Bad Chemical among the Bad ones in the Inert Ingredients of these Medications that I will list, when Combined with Processed Cornstarch and Chlorine and Chlorine containing Acids, but the way to get rid of it, is to drink a little Chlorinated Well Water one time, not Chlorinated City Water, because the things that will make it work have been removed from City Water by the way they process it. And it is only PVP that causes the Massive Headaches, and severe burning Red Rashes that burn Peoples Lungs and Sinus Cavities, and even causes their Bone joints to swell and contract like having severe Flu like Joint Pains, and even causes Chlorine in the Air to attack their Body more while it is in their System, and for a while afterwards. With this Amoxicillin from Westwar, I have none of those adverse reactions because it has no PVP, but I have one adverse reaction that I also had taking the one from LEK because of the Common Inert Ingredients that they have, this one causes a Gas that smells like Plastic, the one from LEK cause a Gas that smells like Rubber, and the V Potassium Penicillin and the Amoxicillin from Sandoz caused a smeel like Kerosene. And I have an added adverse reaction to the Inert Ingredients, that is a daily old problem for me, because of the Added Processed Cornstarch to Foods in the Stores, and to the Inert Ingredients that is not in those other Generic Medications. It is the Common Inert Ingredients to this one from Westwar that are the base Chemicals that cause all the adverse
reactions in all the others, and cause adverse reactions with your Diet if you eat anything that I listed above.

The Chemicals combined cause the byproducts of the Fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to produce new Drugs using your Body and your Food in your Stomach, like the Fungus  Ergot, a Grain Fungus, is what it used to produce LSD,  and like the different Brands of so called Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from Westwar, and the None Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from LEK, that I have had some Hilarious Laughter episodes from both, along with different painful adverse reactions for each.

The way  these Medications and Fungus work in your Diet, is because they have Similar Chemical Characteristics to the Fungus and Chemicals used to make LSD, LSD is sensitive to oxygen, ultraviolet light, and chlorine, especially in solution, and it is the Fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its byproducts in my System that made the V potassium Penicillin from Sandoz like taking a massive hit of LSD, when that was the only Medication I was taking at the time, and it also caused the Adverse Reaction to the Generic Amoxicillin from Sandoz, when it was the only Medication I was taking at the time, and they are not causing me much problem now, because I got rid of those Ingredients from my Diet over the past two years, as I found what reacts with the Medications, I got rid of it.

Why would Inert Ingredients in Antibiotics have such adverse reactions on someone, and the Doctors refuse to write what is happening to you accurately in your Medical Records so that someone could figure out what is going on and help you? It is international Destruction being caused on US Citizens that have been selected by many in the Political and Judicial and Medical and Media and Food Manufacturing and City Water and  Charity Food distributing Communities, for destruction.

Not one of the Inert Ingredients in the Medications are found anywhere in my Diet, not even in the one they say is Cornstarch Based, and this falsely so called Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from Westwar, has half the Inert Ingredients of the None Cornstarch Based Amoxicillin from LEK, but I can not put up with the adverse reactions from the Amoxicillin from Westar either, The Silicon Dioxide in it poisons your Kidneys by getting you Immune System to attack your Kidneys trying to get rid of the Silicon Dioxide Sand that the Kidneys normally filter out, the Kidneys are the target of the Poison, not the Liver.