Pisces' Fucked up But True Tales
The kid next door

When we were kids, two houses up from us lived a kid named Scott. Scott's parents both worked at the Liberty University. His father was stereotypical nutty professor, and used to get his car stuck in his own driveway a lot. His mother kinda looked like Shirley until she came to her senses and left ones day.

Honestly for a while when we were young we never noticed anything was wrong with Scott, his father was a bit lacking in common sense, so we assumed Scott had the same difficulties. The only problem was Scott had really horrible social skills. If things did not go his way he would scream and bite his finger. He did this so much, his finger was permanently damaged and reshaped to match his bite.

Pretty much all the kids in the neighboorhood grew tired of Scott's tantrums. Scott would then hang out with younger kids until those kids also grew tired of his tantrums. Then Scott would try to hang out with new kids, who of course, would grow tired of Scott's behavior. Eventually no one was left, so being that my brother and I lived closest, Scott tried to force himself into whatever my brother or myself happened to be doing. When we would ask him to leave he would make up stories about how important he was. When we would tell him to leave he would make up imagianry threats about various people in local politics he saw on TV.

When I was 14, I was old enough for Scott to have decided to not bother me anymore, but he still drove my younger brother nuts. My brother was at his wits end with this kid. My parents had told us to be nice to Scott, but that was it. My brother and I decided if someone was enough of an asshole it didn't matter. So my brother kicked the kid's ass.

Only then did anyone tell us that Scott was retarded. My brother and I of course got in a lot of trouble, my brother for beating up the retarded kid and me for not stopping my younger brother from beating up the retarded kid.

My father finally asked us why we would even consider such actions. We explained to my father the years of asshole behavior this kid was up to. How we tried and failed at peaceful measures.

"Well he wasn't handicapped enough to not be an asshole" was my father's reply and we went out for ice cream