Ricardo MadGello Speaks

It kinda goes like this some of the time...
<11D-nano-link to snazzy stuff below read to ones ears
while resting on the way to peaceful sleep...>
or that's what you get from most males of any species.
and usually phhhillssiibtttt[ppppjsdh
in return
you wanna party?
watch this show.
(sorry for those that already waded through this one act
disaster over there in asdm... rmg0)
Ever Notice how the mind tends to wander in
rather disparate directions soon
after a major manic episode?
<enter soapbox mode>
Step Up. Step up ladies and gentleman.
Hear the questions of the ages
revealed in simple terms.
Only one smegnu per mark, I mean customer. heh heh
<a churlish leer wafting through and over the crowd>
<and a twist of a well waxed long handlebar black mustache end or three>
Yessss, folks do step up and don't crowd the turnstiles.

<a hovering cloud of curiousity overhangs the seated crowd inside the little
tent that appears much bigger once inside, much bigger, immense in fact>
<a shapely strumpet under-dressed cavorts stage-left to stage-right holding
a painted sign, swirls of gold and silver around the edges>
Ricardo MadGello
Humorist Par Excellence

Good day folks.
I'll keep it brief as we have so many more sights to show you once
we get through this little introductory presentation.
I know in my heart many of you must ask yourself on a daily
even perhaps more often basis one little yet so profound question.
"What in the hale is all this stuff?", you ask.
Well, I'm here to tell ya.
Absolutely nothing.
That's all there is.
That's all there was
That's all there ever will be.
Posolutely and absitively Not One Single Solitary Blessed Thing.
It's nothing.
<heads jerk back and forth gazing at their neighbors catching to see
if their partner is ready to leave as well>
A smallish globe of golden light with little black swirly bits hits center
stage spinning in the air about a meter off the marley appears in a blink of
an eye from out of nowhere.
It is gone.
Just that fast and no faster.
The air in the vicinity of the light is shimmering with some ferocity.
A violet and bronze margay kat leaps from its cage stage left and paws
the man standing with his top hat set at just a wee bit of a slant.
They play for a moment and the margay kat goes to sit on its throne
Fellow Humyns!
I greet you from Universe Zero.
So, folks, it's like this, you see, or don't you?
The big questions always seem to be...
Is there a god?
Are there many gods?
Is there no god?
I do believe we can answer all those questions in just a few minutes
and with your curiosity and/or fears slaked,
we can move on to the entertainment portion of the show.
Hmmmm, let's ponder those mysteries for just a moment, first.

Okay, time's up.
Can we agree on one thing here, before I begin?
There's either all this stuff in and around us or there isn't, correct?
Not much room for any alternate points of view on that aspect,
if you think about it, is there, folks?
It doesn't really matter a whole hill of cocoa beans what it's made
of whether it's there or not,
I might suggest at this point for brevity's sake.
So, we hear all this talk about Big Bangs and what-not being
the originating force for the creation of this universe you're in right now.
That is assuming we take the path where there is all this stuff
in and around us.
We take the other path and there's no room for discussion,
much less the show you're about to view up here on this magnificent stage.
So, let's say all this stuff just appeared via that Big Bang energy,
leaving the god questions aside for just a moment, we'll get there.
Let's say we have to label that place where this universe originates Place
One could infer from this that Place Zero must consist of nothing if this
universe came, POOF!!
(little shimmery fairies skitter about the presenter's top hat for a moment,
then fades),
from out of nowhere, yes?
So, folks, there you have it.
If there's a god, many gods, or even no god,
that's the place where (no)creator(s) must live, eh?
No wonder we can't ever send or receive any email from god/nogod/gods.
<ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - laugh track>
Sorry, folks, just a little levity to lighten
what most presume a heavy subject.
Well, let's take a look around Place Zero for a moment.
<a giant 3D-projection showing Nothing in it's full extent
appears throughout the tent>
Hmmmm, this is odd.
It just goes on in all these 11 directions forever and ever,
or so it appears.
Let's zoom in a little bit on that ever so slighty wavy interfolding section
over there to the florm fnord.
<some kind of disturbance seems to be occuring in several sections of
Place Zero actually>
<zoom in closer on one of them>
Yes, folks,
this is back in time just before the beginning of your universe here.
See that swirly bunch of threads just showing now?
All eleven of them?
They look a lot like half a zipper don't they, sort of?
See how they're starting to dance around and
embrace each other in partners
and zipping off to dance with another?
See that little dot where all those dancing threads were?
That's where you live now.
It is now.
And that little tiny dot there?
That connection to Place Zero is your conduit.
To our universe, Universe Zero.
We call it Universe Zero because it is the first universe,
or so we believe.
<ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - laugh track>
So, anyways folks, there's the answer to all your questions.
On with the show.
<a shapely strumpet under-dressed cavorts stage-left to stage-right holding
a painted sign, swirls of gold and silver around the edges>
It's your show now, folks
< RMG says, "Sorry I have to go find out what's behind that mirror I notice
in Place Zero over there. hugz and sparkleez" >