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Tater dreamt of nenslo.

Tater was hangin out with some other SG, it mighta been Chuck Keys, cookin some pancakes or some such, and started talkin about nenslo's comics, and when Tater looked up there he was -- Ken Devries in the flesh, except he had shaved his beard off his chin so he had great big sideburns connected by a mustache. One look and Tater realized nenslo was a growed up childhood pal! Tater says "You was little Kenny! Tater used to sit on you to calm you down when you was a squirt!" Nenslo nods his head and says "Yeah, I remember you, Tater. You were the fat kid we called Blub."

So Chuck, now Tater's pretty sure it was Chuck, he puts them pancakes on the plate and pours on that syrup and just as we was about to dig in, nenslo jumps up and says "I've got a big surprise for you. Come on, get in the car." So we got in the car and nenslo took off like a bat out of hell.

We was in Georgia, but it had been snowin like nobody's business, and the streets was all covered with ice. Nenslo took an exit onto the highway and revved her up, a slippin and a slidin, weavin in and out, runnin cars off the road. Tater was sure he was gonna die. Well, sir, we was goin faster and faster, and as we topped over a hill, nenslo lost control and we rolled off the side. That was some crash, tell you what, but nenslo wrenched hisself out of the car all bloody and banged up, and threw out his arms in a triumphant gesture and said "Taa Daaah!!!" with a great big smile.

Then Tater woke up.

It really was a big surprise.

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