Pasta carbonara

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Pasta carbonara

Here's what Tater done with noodles last night. PASTA CARBONARA! Cook up a pound of bacon, drain it, chop it up and put it back in the pan. Boil up enough noodles for 6 folk, and right before they're done turn on the fire under the bacon pan, and put them noodles in there, don't bother shakin the water off. Put some pepper in there too. Keep the noodle water!

Now that pan with the bacon and noodles should be bubblin, so pour in some more noodle water, and in a little bowl mix up a couple raw eggs with the same amount of cold water. While you're stirrin that soupy noodle mess, pour them eggs in there kinda slow, stirrin the noodles real good. If it's a little thick, pour in more noodle water. You want it to have a sauce about as thick as mushroom soup.

Put some grated Italian cheese on there, and you got you somethin good enough to eat!

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