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The Journal is now accepting submissions by email to the editor. 
They gotta be wrote good, and no cheating! This here's science!

You want your  news, recipes and opinions? Go over to the Kern's Holler Contrarian

The holler now has it's own wiki, called the TaterPedia, on account of Tater did all the work, and also because there ought to be somethin called a TaterPedia in this world.

Kern's Holler Journal of Science

"You live by your wits, but if your wits are few, you live mighty close to eternity" Ezra "Tuber" Gumfries

This here's the first issue of the Kern's Holler Journal of Science. We's gettin ready to think about startin to prepare the second issue, but there ain't enough articles yet. So if you're a scientific thinkin person, write up some of them ideas and send them along. We promise to take a good close look, and give it a fair chance.

We's a fixin to become the premier journal of science here in the holler. And also to pull the rug out from under Buck's Seed-n-Feed Newsletter, which also covers news and happenins in the holler, and would be OK except that Buck's been gettin too big for his britches, carryin on like he was a big time newspaperman and such. So what we done is we got the Kern's Holler Contrarian on them Internets, so if you want your  news, recipes and opinions, you go over to that journal, because man don't live by science alone. But if you want good science, you come to the right place!

This electronic journal is peer reviewed, which means that Tater takes a good look at what was wrote to make sure the language is proper, the approach professional, and there ain't no godlessness. Don't mean the articles have to be godly, just don't want to offend no one.

We hope you find it readable, close enough to right, and free from crude language.

Tater Gumfries

A holiday message from Tater Gumfries

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