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Tater Gumfries, Editor

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The holler now has it's own wiki, called the TaterPedia, on account of Tater did all the work, and also because there ought to be somethin called a TaterPedia in this world.

The Kern's Holler Contrarian

"You live by your wits, but if your wits are few, you live mighty close to eternity" Ezra "Tuber" Gumfries

The Kern's Holler Contrarian has been publishing for over 120 years.  Now that we got us a modem, we can publish the news every day, if we have a mind to, and we ain't too tired from shoveling feed or some such.  A man's gotta put his feet up sometimes.

We got your up to the minute local news, although things are always a little slow in the Holler, your national news (there was a big ol feud in Alabama!) your world news, although we pretty sure our foriegn correspondent is dead cause we ain't heard from Little John for over a month, and opinions like any other great news organization. But we also got your recipes, stories from out of the holler, like Miss Othelias observations, Reverend BIOU's fairy tales, specials to the Contrarian by Susie, stories about Kern's Holler's own Walter Mitty, that ol kook Bobby Dean Dobbs, and a big ol bucket of poetry. We also have some of the best preachin this side of the Rockies  by one of our favorites, the now deceased Brother Spencer!

So pull up a chair and take a pull off that jug. We gonna set here a spell.
A holiday message from Tater Gumfries

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You lookin for science? Then you come to the wrong place. You want the Kern's Holler Journal of Science!

Wikileaks is an important journalistic tool. They host leaked internal corporate documents, secret government papers and information censored by various courts.