Kern's Holler Journal Physics

Ernst Mach's book on mechanics

You know how when you can't get up off the porch after a jug or two? That's called inertia. Well, this ol German boy had a theory that that's on account of all the gravity from all the stars tuggin at you from all directions. No wonder you can't get up! Anyhow, here's his book for free.
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Marilyn vos Savant and the Fireplace

Tater Gumfries on how some educated folks misuse the second scientific method.

That Pie is Cool Enough

Tater Gumfries reports on the physics of a pie coolin down in the mile high city.

Your Walmart Topsoil Aint' as Good as your Ace Topsoil

Tater Gumfries on the relative quality of Walmart versus Ace Hardware topsoil.

It's gettin hotter, that's for sure

Tater Gumfries reports on the temperature increase in Kern's Holler this early Summer.

Marshmallows in a Vacuum

Just like what it says.